Mar 31, 2010

Darest men.

Over the weekend I took part in the DYI project hosted by my friend Irina, it was like a family gathering, where everyone created something using all kinds of art supplies. The pieces were then put together on an attached to the wall door, that serves now only as a display of the magical time we spent together with friends. But this is not the story. I taught 3 people how to knit. Two of them were men :) Three days later I stumble upon a Wall Street Journal article at that talks about truckers, yes, truckers, who pick up knitting. I am beyond amazed at these brave men. Many applauses to them, courageous creatures that they are! 

Ornamented wrist warmers.

Yesterday, while doing yoga, I understood that it might be a good idea to have some wrist warmers on my arms, for such occasions, when practicing outside, or on a cool day... for comfort and warmth. Here is the one from the right wrist, and I can assure you, the left one looks exactly the same ;) I used organic cotton yarn and Landscapes "Autumn Trails" that I still have half a skein left, for trimming the edges and embroidery. I used needles and a hook for the edges. 

Scaling the possibilities

                                                          Seen on  Design*Sponge

I saw this tile and at once got an idea of knitting something resembling shape of fish scale, and the way they overlap. I'm thinking a mini-skirt... All these ideas make me wait for yarn even more impatiently :)

Mar 30, 2010

Knit Art

 Just discovered someone wonderful...Mandy Greer. The artist that has amazing sense and feeling of yarn texture and color. Here's her blog, that has many beautiful creations.

Mar 22, 2010

Collage of inspiration

Light. Earth. Sun. Pure. 

Folklore Dolls

Recently, I have been really into exploring various folk costumes - fabrics, colors, tailoring and meaning, I find it very inspirational. It is wonderful, I think, that in modern days we can use at least some accessories to embellish everyday outfits... Here are dolls dressed in national costumes. Look at the layers, they feel so comfortable and cozy in soft earthy colors with elaborate ornaments on natural woven and knit fabrics...

What Prada says.

Knit headbands at the Fall 2010 show.

Mar 15, 2010

For the dreamers...

These gentlemen came from the pages of a fairytale book, no less! As though they have traveled from the past to our times seeking adventure or they got here by accident :)  Here they're attempting to look like modern guys, captured by a clueless stunned  fashion photographer :)

Knitted Fur or Furry Knit is in the works!

I am having this idea of something cozy, that can be worn year around and I came up with the idea of knitted fur :) A little accessory, say, a collar as a piece of clothing, how about that? :) Or a furry vest... Yarns that I think would work perfectly are chunky and bulky in natural colors and fibers. I am thinking these will be perfect, I only need to narrow down my choice to 2-3 colors the most.