May 31, 2011

it's BALOO!

Finally it's here! New release of magical soulful music by Dan Covan, months of work, and we have an incredibly melodical album of music that can be defined as a mix of world, tribal, and even jazzy, - hear that trumpet?! ;)))) I'm happy to introduce you to Danya's music, that he truly lives... 

listen or buy at Dan Covan's bandcamp page following the link above ;)
i hope you feeling what i'm feeling listening to this music!

May 24, 2011

NYC Dance Parade 2011!!!

Last weekend New York has seen an amazing event, - beautiful, colorful, laughable, danceable! 
We were and are the Trance Family, yes, the lovers of life and Psytrance music ;)))
Sooo many people, so many smiles and laughter and sun and kids and soap bubbles and hula-hoops and miniskirts and eyelashes!!!!! 
Happy-happy times, incredible energy of dancing in sync in trance we dance... 
I think New York enjoyed it greatly! 
Down the streets of Broadway and then to Tompkins Square Park we danced out way.. 
Boom-Boom! Love Train is coming through!!!
Pictures are taken by fabulous Keren Fedida ;) And some are... by Ben Mehlman, thanks to whom  we had the music system, and some pic's are by his beautiful partner Trish Franklin!
I absolutely love the ethereal light in this shot - sooo incredibly magical... ;)
Dan Covan was happy to organize the Trance Family group for the Dance Parade, with the help of the rest of us!!!! Thank you!!!! ♡♡♡
I think Dan was dancing with his soul from behind the wheel, driving ;)
Hi!!!! Welcome to the Dance!!! 

 Down Broadway - lotsa fun! 
 Empire State building is gawking... at the parade haha ;)
 Beauuuuutiful dancers! Thank you for this dance!
 Beautiful Creature with the Parrot ;)
We are family!
Psytrance Family!

 Loving this contrast of neons and city stone!
Gabriel and Luna, you were awesome!
Crossing streets... stomping our way ;)
dancing everywhere!
 Down St. Marks
170 beats per minute, please! And some sage smudging ;)
 The rear view of the Turtle Van with the dancers reflections.. and the city! ;)
Karen's self portrait, love it!
 Lawns are full of love! Tompkins Square Park in East Village... the parade after hours ;) 

 Rooftop party, thank you Gabriel and Masae ♡
 View of a small city garden 
Keren Fedida, who made most of these pictures ;)

Wearing Earthia

Here are some new pictures of girls in Earthia hoodies! Beautiful team of pirates - Grace & Renee! Photos are by Rob Hazel. They were all taken at sunrise... the light is beautiful and compliments life, doesn't it? in all senses of that word haha ;) 

May 11, 2011

Shine on, you crazy crystal! ;

I absolutely love Aurora Borealis shiny sparkly beads, crystals, anything! The rainbow glow is so pretty and fun, they reflect sun in the most beautiful way all over! 
Made an exaggerated crystal pendant necklace to give people puzzles and laughs and sun bunnies (a patch of sun spot is called "sun bunny" in Russian ..) on their faces ;)  Used a simple un-dyed natural yarn braided into a thin cord... for contrast ;) Lights, Sun, here  I come hahaha! ;) 

I want diamonds to become obsolete.