Jun 27, 2012

Back from traveling!

Hi all! 
Me and, thus, Earthia is back!
I have spent six most amazing weeks on the West coast, in Nevada, and then California for a month!
It went by so quickly and colorfully, in every sense of this word!
Really magical times in a magical place - so inspiring to visit this land ;) 
I didn't have a camera, so these are just a few pictures ;)
I hope you are having an amazing summer!
Turquoise mirror aviators - color for you to see ;P
California, at the Red Marines!
 The Turtle van - the most beautiful and cozy home on wheels! 
 At the Goa Gil party in Northern CA
 Symbiosis festival during Solar Eclipse weekend 
 Looking at the sun overshadowed by the moon through the special viewing glasses ;)
Always wearing something that I made myself ;)) It was Dusty! Like at BM ;))) 
Crocheting hats of un-dyed eco wool - gorgeous color! 
These are to appear in the shop next week, as soon as the parcel with the rest of my stuff arrives. 
Stay tuned for new posts, now that "the crew" is back to work ;)
I'm re-opening my Earthia shop on Etsy during this week - expect new sweaters with detailed measurements!