Sep 29, 2012

Vivienne Westwood S/S 2013

I love Vivienne Westwood passionately. 
Absolutely fantastic collection. Again! ;) 

Sep 28, 2012


What a day with my girls!!!!!!!! My neighborhood was shined through with beauty today, see for yourself! ;) So many pictures to go through and work on for posting of Earthia!!!! so grateful for today with Heather and Masha! Thank you, loves for loving me ♥ I had amazing time in your presence today, as I always do ;) i love you! Vanya! ♥ little teasing won't hurt anyone!
Buy this sweater and see what else I have for you in my shop, as it fills with new items.
I have received a lot of requests about men's sweaters - coming soon, Gentlemen! 
Much love,

Sep 24, 2012

Why Pirate

Tara Lotus has inspired me to piratize my jacket.
Here's how I did it, it's very easy:
take a pair of scissors and cut thin stripes off along the edges - wherever you wish. I did it along most of the jacket's edges haha ;) 
I made little cuts at the elbow level, then tore apart more with my hands to make bigger holes - don't go too hard here, or you'll have to sew it back together!
I did the same thing along the shoulders, towards the back.. you can do it in any part of your denim project ;) 
Now you can wash it in the washer to fray the edges. 
Add patches, beads, lace - anything you have handy and love. 
Love worn tattered look!
Rip here, rip there - no end to perfect tear and tatter!
My friend Levka gave me a pair of jeans he had worn to, according to him "shreds", I used the good parts of this quality pile of denim, perfectly worn. The heart-shaped pocket has been added by me to the right side  - very handy! It fits tiny things like coins - love that ;) 

Earthia Legwarmers

Sometimes I knit and embroider ;) 
Earthia One Of A Kind hand-knit legwarmers. Exquisite, unique, beautiful, warm - perfect fall and winter leg accessory ;) Multi-ply wool in gorgeous earthy tones, hand-embroidered with semi-precious stones and beads, wide recycled leather ties - in the back.

Marc Jacobs FW 2012

Loving Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter collection - oversized hats, exaggerated lines, chunky knits, brocade patterns and sox+shoes=love!

Sep 22, 2012

Lavender Blues at Joao Pimenta

At Joao Pimenta SS2013 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week: 
I'm loving the monstrous beauty of color for men ;P 

Sep 21, 2012

New Arm Warmers/Hand Warmers

Hi, dears! 
Today I've been working on the updated version of the hand warmers aka arm warmers!
There are lots of various colors, and this is a new pattern that I'm perfecting. 
Doing what I love - working with color ;)

In Layers

Can we shout AMAZING?! ;) 
Easy layers, purposely disheveled wish precision! 
In love! Shades of black, gray, charcoal and some dust on the boots?
I hope it's from the Playa ;)

From Russia with Love

That quote is so overused, but being of a Russian origin, I forgive myself for overusing it sometimes ;) 
My latest crush on a designer has been steady, - she is a woman, a gorgeous talented woman - fashion designer - Ulyana Sergeenko. 
This her below - sporting exeptional style of her own - i'm in love! She embraces some of the Soviet era nostalgia through FASHION - how cool is that ;) 

I posted some shots from her last year collection, and now I want to share what she had for us for the W/F 2012
I love the demure and sexy lines, excellent cut, color, fabrics and textures - everything works perfect together, is pretty far out, and, at the same time, is exaggerated classic. 
With a Russian flair. 
I know I'm pulling out my wool flower-printed scarf for the fall ;) 
The post is long, but the pictures are so worth it!

Sep 20, 2012

Yoga Pose

I can't imagine practicing asanas in anything wool, except for wool socks, sometimes, perhaps. I love the presentation of the styles of this laid back garb, give me yoga every day, any day!
Speaking of practicing yoga - on September 22, in Brooklyn Bridge park in NYC a yoga in the park is going to take place to the sounds of DJ Drez.
Pre-register on the website and see you there ;)
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ 
images via Yoga Journal, Russian edition from a few years back