Feb 16, 2015

Off the beading mat today...

I am working on a bracelet in gorgeous shades of matte rainbow on grey, cool pink tones, black, and some shimmery variations of same colors. Focal point is the bodhi tree seed - I used the bodhi seed beads before, and they are very attractive...There are black pearls, as usual, I love adding these little pretties... I am also thinking to add two different kinds of jasper  (one of my favorite stones) and one more kind of gemstone beads, that is going to be a surprise added touch wink emoticon 
My beadwork page is here:

Feb 1, 2015

Connecting the beads

Hello! I hope you are having a great Sunday. I hope that I still have interested readers and guests, even though I, as it sometimes happens, have deviated from blogging for quite some time. I will be honest, I didn't want to give up this place, because I feel I spent a good amount of time here, learning blogging. I can't say I am a writer, but I love and want to share some pictures of my work, a little of my thoughts, and connect with others.
Recently I have moved to Rouge Valley in South Oregon. East coast to West coast, yeah! So, past couple of month had been very frustrating, to say at least... but you know what? I love it! Every day I wake up to a challenge, trying to work out some routine in the midst of the moving hassle, and I can tell you, that this situation gives me extra boost of adrenaline, I feel like. I've been sitting on many ideas and have a couple of goals for the nearest future, which I feel great about, and now I am able to start transforming them into a reality. 
For now, let me announce, that this blog is dedicated to the art of beading, my creative process and its results. I would LOVE to connect with you. 
Using the image below, showing one of the close ups of a necklace I made last year, and the clasp - for the connection symbol ;) 
~ Ivanna