Mar 31, 2011

Threading my way ;)

It was tough!!! to resist yummy colors of all the available serger threads, but I was very strong! ;)))
As a result, only 3 basic colors were ordered - Khaki, Beige Taupe and Aqua, manufactured by Maxi-lock, 4 spools of each - it's serger we're talking about here hehe ;)

For the first stock up, I think this will be plenty!
it's raining in Brooklyn...
Good night 

Mar 30, 2011

Global Village deco

PULP event was generously spiced by the Global Village Production deco.. this was my third time seeing their art in action, and I think that deserves a stand alone post! What a great group of artists from UK they are! Magicians, every one of them, to be able to create an absolutely beautifully surreal environment... 
Here are some pictures of their creations, taken from the Global Village home page:

Tribal Market I

Finally, those who couldn't make it to the Party, where the third edition of Tribal Market was held, can feel the ambience! ;) 
Lots of beautiful people and music, thank you all for making it special!
p.s. did I mention that I sold out all of the upcycled hoodies?! 
Yay for you, psy hippie fairies! 
much love

will post more pictures in another post ;)

Oh...palescent... weeklies!

Opal is pretty magical stone, I think.. Fire opal especially - flashes of light turquoise blue, milky blue, golden orange - like a blue flame ;)

Mar 28, 2011


Chilly here, in NY, still... but undoubtfully, Spring is fighting her way and winning - the sun feels warm!
I am stocking up on sewing thread, it's where the fun starts - the color chart!
By the way, for the sewing goddesses out there, if you don't already know, Atlanta Thread and Supply co has the lowest prices and, according to the reviews I've read online, carries out excellent service and fast shipment - will see, will see! ;) 
check this out ;)
Maxi-Lock 3000 yd
Gutermann 1100 yd - vaster color selection, but almost 3 times as expensive ;)

Here are some mind-cheering infusions of color from India, colors of Holi! ;)

Mar 25, 2011

Thrill upon thrill upon thrill!!!

Am I lucky or what? Just won something on eBay, that I've been wanting/needing badly for a while - a serger machine!!! 
Hello, beautiful!
After months of reviewing and contemplating, I decided to get a Brother 1034D model. 
Have you had experience with this machine? If so, please, spill the beans! I'd love to hear how you love it - it will make my wait for it to come even more exciting ;))) 
Even though, my zig-zagging skills are now nearly perfect, my Singer sewing machine simply doesn't have the functions of a serger... 
Thrilled to start learning to thread this little beast! 
And these are the results one can get with this particular serger:
I'll try to take pictures of the new hoodies I'm sewing for Tribal Market tomorrow. 

Mar 23, 2011

REAdiant spring...

Spring has came to New York city, but today it is snowing!!! I hope it's the last snow for this season... although, I am grateful for any weather, really... ;) 
Yesterday I watched Le Ballon Rouge short 1956 movie, where the red balloon became a friend of a boy named Pascal. The movie is exceptionally beautiful - the image of the bright shiny red against the background of the little old streets of Paris. So is this butterfly - a beautiful sparkling red wings of the butterfly of this gentlemen's hat! ;) Butterflies are one of the proofs that miracles exist, in my opinion...
But, I have some snowflakes to catch - my road lays towards IKEA!!! Here we come! ;) 
in preparation for the, yes, that's right, Tribal Market event we are having this Saturday!

Mar 22, 2011

Preparations for Tribal Market III is in full on!!! ;)

This all action gives me shiiiiversss!!! ;) 
House and cat-sitting at my dear Jen'ka's, this is where my mini-work station is as of today - lovely cozy place! Thank you, Jen'ka and Timka for entrusting me your place ;)
The leafy elvish ears... yum!

Southernmost living II, because the first post got screwed! ;)

Down in Key West everything is "southernmost"! It is, of course, the most southern point of the United States - if anyone has been there, they have, most likely, stood in line to have their picture taken at the veeeerrrry southern point of the dry land.. ;) 
The town is fun - taxis are pink, butterflies are yellow, hummer limos are painted like zebras, pelicans are fearless, roosters are running unattended, bikers ride cruisers, wearing a swimsuit at a supermarket or an airport, to which is a walking distance along the beach, is normal, rushing is unusual, magnolias are bright red, tiny lizards are acknowledged citizens of the town of Key West, and little baby chickens (and their mothers) regulate the traffic on the roads ;)
Spring break is at its peak... with young bodies being happily intoxicated and testosteroned ;P The beach is like a human party zoo hehe - fun! No pictures of that though... let it remain undocumented, spring time fantasy for the kids, a fun memory for me ;)))
Lots of sunshine and very relaxed people! 
oh, and the sunrises and sunsets are out of this world!
What a change it is, now back in NY! ;)))

there was a huge tree with this flowers, which look like magnolias, but we were told, that this was called a "tulip tree" .... a whole area under the tree was covered in these flowers... this was the first morning we got to Key West, the first thing I saw - beautiful welcome, thank you, Florida! ;)

someone's parked fairy van... biked by it every day, never seen the owner.. she, i think it's a she, must be  a curious being!

on the day of the hurricane, later in the evening I found this nature's present on the ground - must had have fallen from one of the palm trees... incredible!

Danya enjoys the sun so! Smile for the clouds hehe ;)))

Cluster of Inspiration

Feeling Spring, feeling cozy and, of course, creative! ;)
light... lightweight... free expression without thinking over the ideas... just letting it come out, without carefully analyzing and criticizing... first do, then think! hehehe ;)))) 

some inspirational images in my mood today

just let the kids do it! hehe, maybe it will move a child in you also... it's very freeing...! oh, and if your guest will wonder if someone drew on that particular piece of furniture, you can always say "no, i did it!" and see their reaction, what joy! ;)))) 

I used to know how to macramé... it used to be very easy to do, i bet it still is! ;)


dear beads!

magic forest for sure ;)

ahhh lavender! 

starry night ;) I wish we could better see the stars here, in New York... while in Key West this month earlier, I enjoyed the skies so much! no light pollution there...