Mar 22, 2011

Cluster of Inspiration

Feeling Spring, feeling cozy and, of course, creative! ;)
light... lightweight... free expression without thinking over the ideas... just letting it come out, without carefully analyzing and criticizing... first do, then think! hehehe ;)))) 

some inspirational images in my mood today

just let the kids do it! hehe, maybe it will move a child in you also... it's very freeing...! oh, and if your guest will wonder if someone drew on that particular piece of furniture, you can always say "no, i did it!" and see their reaction, what joy! ;)))) 

I used to know how to macramé... it used to be very easy to do, i bet it still is! ;)


dear beads!

magic forest for sure ;)

ahhh lavender! 

starry night ;) I wish we could better see the stars here, in New York... while in Key West this month earlier, I enjoyed the skies so much! no light pollution there...