Mar 23, 2011

REAdiant spring...

Spring has came to New York city, but today it is snowing!!! I hope it's the last snow for this season... although, I am grateful for any weather, really... ;) 
Yesterday I watched Le Ballon Rouge short 1956 movie, where the red balloon became a friend of a boy named Pascal. The movie is exceptionally beautiful - the image of the bright shiny red against the background of the little old streets of Paris. So is this butterfly - a beautiful sparkling red wings of the butterfly of this gentlemen's hat! ;) Butterflies are one of the proofs that miracles exist, in my opinion...
But, I have some snowflakes to catch - my road lays towards IKEA!!! Here we come! ;) 
in preparation for the, yes, that's right, Tribal Market event we are having this Saturday!