Mar 22, 2011

Southernmost living II, because the first post got screwed! ;)

Down in Key West everything is "southernmost"! It is, of course, the most southern point of the United States - if anyone has been there, they have, most likely, stood in line to have their picture taken at the veeeerrrry southern point of the dry land.. ;) 
The town is fun - taxis are pink, butterflies are yellow, hummer limos are painted like zebras, pelicans are fearless, roosters are running unattended, bikers ride cruisers, wearing a swimsuit at a supermarket or an airport, to which is a walking distance along the beach, is normal, rushing is unusual, magnolias are bright red, tiny lizards are acknowledged citizens of the town of Key West, and little baby chickens (and their mothers) regulate the traffic on the roads ;)
Spring break is at its peak... with young bodies being happily intoxicated and testosteroned ;P The beach is like a human party zoo hehe - fun! No pictures of that though... let it remain undocumented, spring time fantasy for the kids, a fun memory for me ;)))
Lots of sunshine and very relaxed people! 
oh, and the sunrises and sunsets are out of this world!
What a change it is, now back in NY! ;)))

there was a huge tree with this flowers, which look like magnolias, but we were told, that this was called a "tulip tree" .... a whole area under the tree was covered in these flowers... this was the first morning we got to Key West, the first thing I saw - beautiful welcome, thank you, Florida! ;)

someone's parked fairy van... biked by it every day, never seen the owner.. she, i think it's a she, must be  a curious being!

on the day of the hurricane, later in the evening I found this nature's present on the ground - must had have fallen from one of the palm trees... incredible!

Danya enjoys the sun so! Smile for the clouds hehe ;)))