Apr 29, 2011

In the making ;)

After a session of handwarmers sewing, onto the sweater hoodies! ;)

Chika Bow Wow
this hoodie is made of soft wool, as always, carefully handpicked and upcycled... For someone with a gorgeous shapely body - size ML, it curves the figure beautifully, long pixie hood, sleeveless to wear all year round over any outfit.. ;)
~on hold

I Saw Your Reflection In My Mirror
Thin merino wool west - moss green, cream, grayish/gold flecks...lightweight and so versatile... ;)

Stripy Heart
Soft thicker wool to cozy up, 3/4 length sleeves, cashmere, merino wool blend.. Blues, beiges and cream, i think it sounds like a dream! ;) Long Cozy pixie hood is included ;P

My Elvish Nature
Moss green, beige/gray flecks/ gold flecks, blue wool, stripy softest cashmere.. For a tiny fairy, it is snug and accentuates a body beautifully, double ruffle on the armholes - little wings! Gorgeous pixie hood, but of course ;)
~on hold

Gray For A Play
Voluptuous goddess, this one is for you! Softest wools in all sorts and shades of gray, long sleeves, looooong pixie hood, this is something really special. Warm and cozy - it was created at a very special place, actually, called Dragon's Egg - i believe it has a particularly magical energy woven in... ;)
L-XL, perhaps busty tall M

Meet Me In The Forest
Softest white wool blend, beige and heather beige wool, raffled armholes... long pixie hood - a staple for an Elf, if you ask me ;)
ML-XL lady, you will get admiring glares! ;)))

I Would Tango To Sunset
Thicker soft red wool adorned with stripes of wools and wool blends for an omph factor! Art-deco-ish sleeves, like butterfly... almost kimono-like... Longest pixie hood! ;)

My Heart Is Red
Gorgeous shades of red with just enough of metallic sparkle here and there, in various knits - buttery cashmere, wool blend, cotton blend..
Very snug and tight, creates a beautiful aura around as soon as you put it on.. THEN you put the hood on and.... the whole world looks different ;)))

Psy Butterfly
This sweater is different - it is an experiment, - something new i'm designing.. ;) Very short and wrap-around, with kimono cut sort sleeves....wide long ties, pixie hood, stripes... gorgeous soft wool... for a goddess well endowed in the bust area! ;) will give a beautifully defined cleavage..
moss yellowish green (one of my favorite colors) and black - perfect combo, always...

Be My Robin, I Will Be Your Hood
Subtle foresty colors, i love how green, brown, taupe blend together. My favorite here is the neck opening, and small side slits! Experiment, - first men's sweater... lambs wool, merino wool.. pixie hood! ;)
Colors are more bright in person.. ;)))
This is size Large, but i think, due to the ragged style of this piece it can be worn by a someone size Medium as well ;)

Apr 25, 2011

Arm and hand warmers!

your paws, my creations, I cense a stylish collaboration! ;))))
Getting ready for Tribal Market IV!!!! Next Saturday at Pulp: Artsy-Fartsy party. 
Oh, yes ;)) 

Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day to you all! ;)

I like to realize, that Earth as our mother. And it feels really good to be in contact with her other children. Today we had a girls night stand at LunaRa's cozy place, and look who came to wake me up in the morning! Her name is Luna, and she is so pet-able, her skin is rough but not scratchy! ;) 

Apr 20, 2011

Rising Appalachia

Liking these girls a lot! ;)

Tribal Market III - Pictures

Here are few pictures from the Pulp event, where we held the Tribal Market III - a sagnificent event for me in all the ways, considering that all of the elvish sweater hoodies were sold out AND were worn immediately by beautiful fairies dancing their way through the night... soooo lovely! ;) Thank you! And if anyone of you, dear buyers of my sweaters, have pictures of beautiful you in my creations, please, do send them to me, I'll be happy to post them here, on Eathia blog to everyone's enjoyment! ;) 
Next Tribal Market is happening in Brooklyn, in about a week from now - on April 30 ;) 
More details coming soon! 
Sitting behind my table, surrounded by lights and my creations, and Dan ♡;))))

Setting up under the great art tapestry, lovely!

Knitting more, can't sit still! 

Rack is not as full as in the beginning! Recycled and upcycled sweater hoodies by Earthia, yours truly ;) 

...hand made with love, always!

Beautiful fairy hooper Serena! She had a connection with a turquoise sweater ;)

Serena is rocking the hoodie, totally! I'm wearing mine hehehe ;)
happy times!

Zoya, aka my mom ;)

I am all about art, as, hope, you are! 
So, let me share once more work of my mother ;)
Now she is a finalist of International Bead Award, with an ever so beautiful 
piece called Art Nouveau Restored.
I'm loving the colors! So me... :))))) 
If you find that you want to support her in this journey, please, feel free to vote following this link
here ;)
❤ ❤ ❤

I'm back! ;)

I've spent some time away from the city, in CT... in the town named Mystic! how wonderful, right? ;)
We visited Dan's first yoga teacher - Marya at the space called Dragon's Egg! Here're few pictures in front of the Egg, near the Turtle van that we ride around... Lovely forest, chirping birds, a little rain, which couldn't ruin our stay at the magical place... ;)

wearing some random coat found in the place... kissing the Turtle on the lips ;))))

Yes, swings!!! off the swings onto sketching new designs, talk about inspiration by adrenaline! hehehe 

Up on the second floor, where we slept. I had my serger with me, stocked up on great softest sweaters at local salvation army - how awesomely full of great stuff those stores are! I wish we had more of such upcycler's mecca in NY ;)