Apr 20, 2011

I'm back! ;)

I've spent some time away from the city, in CT... in the town named Mystic! how wonderful, right? ;)
We visited Dan's first yoga teacher - Marya at the space called Dragon's Egg! Here're few pictures in front of the Egg, near the Turtle van that we ride around... Lovely forest, chirping birds, a little rain, which couldn't ruin our stay at the magical place... ;)

wearing some random coat found in the place... kissing the Turtle on the lips ;))))

Yes, swings!!! off the swings onto sketching new designs, talk about inspiration by adrenaline! hehehe 

Up on the second floor, where we slept. I had my serger with me, stocked up on great softest sweaters at local salvation army - how awesomely full of great stuff those stores are! I wish we had more of such upcycler's mecca in NY ;)