Apr 29, 2011

In the making ;)

After a session of handwarmers sewing, onto the sweater hoodies! ;)

Chika Bow Wow
this hoodie is made of soft wool, as always, carefully handpicked and upcycled... For someone with a gorgeous shapely body - size ML, it curves the figure beautifully, long pixie hood, sleeveless to wear all year round over any outfit.. ;)
~on hold

I Saw Your Reflection In My Mirror
Thin merino wool west - moss green, cream, grayish/gold flecks...lightweight and so versatile... ;)

Stripy Heart
Soft thicker wool to cozy up, 3/4 length sleeves, cashmere, merino wool blend.. Blues, beiges and cream, i think it sounds like a dream! ;) Long Cozy pixie hood is included ;P

My Elvish Nature
Moss green, beige/gray flecks/ gold flecks, blue wool, stripy softest cashmere.. For a tiny fairy, it is snug and accentuates a body beautifully, double ruffle on the armholes - little wings! Gorgeous pixie hood, but of course ;)
~on hold

Gray For A Play
Voluptuous goddess, this one is for you! Softest wools in all sorts and shades of gray, long sleeves, looooong pixie hood, this is something really special. Warm and cozy - it was created at a very special place, actually, called Dragon's Egg - i believe it has a particularly magical energy woven in... ;)
L-XL, perhaps busty tall M

Meet Me In The Forest
Softest white wool blend, beige and heather beige wool, raffled armholes... long pixie hood - a staple for an Elf, if you ask me ;)
ML-XL lady, you will get admiring glares! ;)))

I Would Tango To Sunset
Thicker soft red wool adorned with stripes of wools and wool blends for an omph factor! Art-deco-ish sleeves, like butterfly... almost kimono-like... Longest pixie hood! ;)

My Heart Is Red
Gorgeous shades of red with just enough of metallic sparkle here and there, in various knits - buttery cashmere, wool blend, cotton blend..
Very snug and tight, creates a beautiful aura around as soon as you put it on.. THEN you put the hood on and.... the whole world looks different ;)))

Psy Butterfly
This sweater is different - it is an experiment, - something new i'm designing.. ;) Very short and wrap-around, with kimono cut sort sleeves....wide long ties, pixie hood, stripes... gorgeous soft wool... for a goddess well endowed in the bust area! ;) will give a beautifully defined cleavage..
moss yellowish green (one of my favorite colors) and black - perfect combo, always...

Be My Robin, I Will Be Your Hood
Subtle foresty colors, i love how green, brown, taupe blend together. My favorite here is the neck opening, and small side slits! Experiment, - first men's sweater... lambs wool, merino wool.. pixie hood! ;)
Colors are more bright in person.. ;)))
This is size Large, but i think, due to the ragged style of this piece it can be worn by a someone size Medium as well ;)