May 2, 2011

Girls In Earthia Hoodies!

 It's so nice to see people enjoying your creations...;)
Here're a couple pictures from the party (which was on the roof for the most part, and was a blast, i must tell you!) I was selling Earthia wear. I am also happy to mention, that there probably is a collaboration, which is currently in the works, with ENKI store, that is located in Philadelphia. This is in the works with the lovely owners of this wonderful store, full of artful clothing, accessories, jewelry and art, Chai and Allysa. It would be a great opportunity for those in Philly to get Earthia wear - armwarmers, handwarmers, wrap skirts and mini skirts, hoodie sweaters and vests, and elvian hoods!

Regina in her new My Elvish Nature sweater vest! Love her Alice in Wonderland tatoo on the left shoulder!!! ;) 

Renee in the black, gray and white piece made specially for her, the little pirate that she is ;)))