May 5, 2012

Baking again ;)

Freshly baked basic white two loaves.. crust and all! 
the smell in my place is heavenly!!! 
wishing everyone an amazing weekend, let it flow sunny and easy! 

Bell Bottoms Preview, listing them tomorrow! ;)

Good news! The customized bell bottom denim i wrote about earlier this week is going to be listed in the Earthia shop tomorrow - yay! 
The sizing is small, as i mentioned - one pair is even size 24 - i barely could fit into those for the picture! ;)) (it's the pair that was made with original Seven For All Mankind jeans), someone tiny would look gorgeously hippy in them ;) 
Pictures of close-up items will be posted in the shop as well, for proper denim twill presentation and detail shots, plus color ;) 
The styling pictures are here, one of each pair! 
I hope, there is enough for all who wants a pair for now, granted the bells are small!
I am thinking about offering customizing options for everyone, through the Etsy shop. But first, I will finish my friend's custom order for his bell bottoms - will see how satisfied he be, and yes, it's actually mostly guys, who have approached me asking to make a pair for them ;) 


May 3, 2012

New items, again! ;)

Whoa, I spent all day hopping around the room, taking pictures, steaming sweaters, ironing jeans, taking more pictures... uploading... Now i have to take all the measurements. 
And this is only 1/3 of all the new items i made!!!  ;) 
A few photos, and off i go, to post on Etsy ;)

May 2, 2012

On magical creatures

I posted before a photo of myself, wearing this ingenious vest, i call it Unicorn Vest, because I love unicorns, and this is the ultimate patchwork upcycled recycled eco-friendly creation! 
I get so many compliments on it ;) 
It is the most tailored of all what I make, I think.. I have to put all the pieces one by one, creating a shape, that will, then, wrap the body of a wearer in the most complementing manner. I love to wrap both sides, and tighten them a little, and pin with my favorite Moon, Sun and Star brooch. 
Guess what? ;) I've been making some Hooded Unicorn Vests for you too! 
Tomorrow will list a few of them, with pictures and all, so, stay tuned! 
There are the most yummy vests ever ;)
psss... Also, some deliciously rad bell bottoms will be listed tomorrow!

Fairytale Illustrations

Much of the creative preset, that accumulates over a lifetime, starts in the childhood, sure - as soon as we start to develop the appreciation for joy, that colors, music, movement, poems and words bring to us. 
I won't be surprised, if for you, too, it was the fairytale and adventure world, that books were responsible for, thankfully! ;) 
These are illustrations to different Russian fairytales, by I. Bilibin, who has done plenty of similar work, drawing for children's books... I remember spending hours letting my imagination flow with daydreaming about mystical dimension, that a fairytale is ;)