May 2, 2012

On magical creatures

I posted before a photo of myself, wearing this ingenious vest, i call it Unicorn Vest, because I love unicorns, and this is the ultimate patchwork upcycled recycled eco-friendly creation! 
I get so many compliments on it ;) 
It is the most tailored of all what I make, I think.. I have to put all the pieces one by one, creating a shape, that will, then, wrap the body of a wearer in the most complementing manner. I love to wrap both sides, and tighten them a little, and pin with my favorite Moon, Sun and Star brooch. 
Guess what? ;) I've been making some Hooded Unicorn Vests for you too! 
Tomorrow will list a few of them, with pictures and all, so, stay tuned! 
There are the most yummy vests ever ;)
psss... Also, some deliciously rad bell bottoms will be listed tomorrow!