Aug 25, 2012

Designer: John Galliano

John Galliano, without a doubt, my most favorite creator of fashion. Period. ;) 
Here are a few images from various collections, that I find inspire me at the moment:

Pastels & Faux Fur

For my Fall/Winter selection of Earthia clothes I want to incorporate faux fur into the designs.
I have plenty of ideas in my head, and here's some past designer collections, using fur, and i like how they do it (images via Here are a few models of A.F. Vandevorst Fall/Winter 2005 collection.
I like a slight dishevelment in the look - lingerie lace worn on a regular garment, added comfort with fur footwear, cropped and tight shearling reads warmth and easy movement, comfy stretchy capri pants, easy jersey tops, thin and thick knit combo, dark on dark, pastels together, unworked edges of garments... it is all pretty perfect ;) 

Aug 8, 2012

Following the senses, notes to self.

Love Your Self to Love Everything
Treat your senses right - decide, what smell brings you most tranquility, or energy, or concentration and use incense or essential oils, or other natural fragrances to elevate your moods. Use natural cosmetics in the bathroom - it always smells good. I wouldn't go for artificial scents, so, if you like the smell of custard, bake it, don't buy a candle smelling like it ;) 
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