Aug 8, 2012

Following the senses, notes to self.

Love Your Self to Love Everything
Treat your senses right - decide, what smell brings you most tranquility, or energy, or concentration and use incense or essential oils, or other natural fragrances to elevate your moods. Use natural cosmetics in the bathroom - it always smells good. I wouldn't go for artificial scents, so, if you like the smell of custard, bake it, don't buy a candle smelling like it ;) 
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I think a lot of people are lacking being touched, as we are so far from our bodies. Learn to love accept your physical shell, starting today. It is your very own "machine" for accomplishing so many things, including those, you especially enjoy. Being in touch with your body is crucial for overall balance - emotional, in the first place. Treat your body to a short massage every time you are in the shower - use bath salts, scrubby wash cloth, massage bars and so on. Wear only natural soft, easy-to-move-in, fabrics, leave synthetics out - they suffocate your body, not letting it breath; don't go for fashion, if the desirable dress is made of polyester. 
Touch nature - rocks, trees, leaves, grass... notice how familiar it feels, and how comforting it is to be able to do this. Be grateful to be alive to experience just this moment. 
Explore your body in the mirror and with your hands. Entire body, head to toe. Sit still in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and explore your body through sensations that will arise, as you stop moving. Get amused at how many sensations you can actually feel, that you may not have been aware of. 
Every time you have an opportunity to give yourself a massage - do it! Sitting on a blanket at the beach? Gently massage your feet, go in the water and massage them with the sand... Massage your hands... your neck... your jaw, from ear to ear, slowly and attentively - there we store a lot of suppressed emotions, anger etc. Massage your gums... massage your scull, behind the ears.. listen to your body carefully, it'll call for attention where it's needed most. 
Stretch often - be it a scheduled yoga class or a stretching session on the floor of your room - give those muscles some care. Work on your posture - prayer pose held not in the front, but in the back is very easy to do anywhere, and is helpful to hold your back straight. Proper gracious posture will make your back strong, taking care of the inside organs - not allowing them to be squished, but allowing them to work properly. 
Be grateful for your body, without it you wouldn't be, you wouldn't BE right now. 
Listen to music with no words, listen to the world and ethnical music - it is very diverse and the instruments that exist out there will fascinate your ears tremendously
Be in the Nature often, if you can. City dwellers... seek out natural sounds, or some wonderful city sounds, notice, how much new is emerging, when you really listen. 
Play an instrument. Any one you think you can play just a little. Create. No one has to ever hear it, if you decide so. 
Look around and see, what you don't like around your habitat place, a work space etc. Any color you dislike doesn't have to be there. Surround yourself with color. Have a few of coffee-table books about nature, space, art, travel. Go outside, and see what catches your eye visually. Discover new things about yourself through that. Watch clouds, moving grass, stars, moon, drops of rain. Notice how magical it all is. 
Learn to eat and enjoy the taste, more than to fill yourself to feeling full. Buy really exquisite foods, that you can enjoy little by little - great tasting oils, very special tea blends, high-quality chocolate, rare fruit,  - all in small amounts, think gourmet - simply to give yourself the taste orgasm once in a while.  
Learn to walk again. Yes, learn to walk. Use a mirror, move your legs from the hips - pelvic area should be the core, the center of your movements, - it is powerful and the beginning of all. Balance out your posture, pull in your lower belly, tuck in your tail bone slightly. Feel the center and move from that slowly and graciously. Pull your head slightly back, and your chin a little bit down, to straighten your neck. Look around an see beauty in everything, your movement will be almost like a dance by feel. 
Dance a lot. In private, always dance naked - and fall in love with your body. Be grateful to be able to move. In silence, with music, while singing - dance! 
Express yourself - through a diary, through art, through talking, discussion, letters, blog, poetry. You don't need a receiver for this, just expressing yourself into the air, or space, gives an emotional feedback. Don't isolate yourself. Only in a relationship we grow and flourish and really live. Friends, family, lovers, strangers. When in frustration - walk around your block, jump up and down a few times, do 10 long breaths, take a quick cool shower. Scream. Participate in any groups of interest - farming, education, art and theater.