Sep 30, 2010

Chunks of knit!

I can't say I am very much into latest fashion, at least not as much as I used to be. I do some research of the collections each season to stay on top, but my inspiration comes from the people on the street, from free-styled art forms of any kind, from the cultural documentaries I'm hooked on right now... But, they say it is going to be a big-chunky knits season (not the first one in the row). Here're creations by Johan Ku.. white, sculptured, just like the name of the collection "Emotional Sculpture". 

Sep 29, 2010

People I don't know, but am glad they exist

The internet space is so vast, it is impossible to even start imagining about how much of good and bad stuff is there. But there are two people who I really like to visit on the web, who can elevate your mood even higher, they're both shining, beaming with light women. One is sjwhidden

 and the other one is aauumm . I'm pretty happy I found these two lovely ladies ;)


I think everyone would agree, if I said, that friendship by itself is inspirational. I got to spend the whole last weekend with the people I love, going to Harriman Park for a two day hike, the weather was marvelous, we had so much fun! Total bliss, if you ask me :) And below is me with one of my friends, Leva at the beach. We went out to see the moon and the sun during fall equinox last week. 

Creative mess

in preparation for the Tribal Market event  I wrote about in one of the previous posts, my table is about to overspill with knit goods ;) Over past few days I've been discussing this trunk show/gathering/party/market with my friends and organizers and it really looks like nothing else, simply a different type of a selling - buying experience, although, I wish it was at an outside space, it will be held in a store. 

Out of the cave into the street

Yesterday I watched a National Geographic documentary about us, people, as cave men and women. Beautiful creatures there were... This sort of influenced my weekly inspirations:

Sep 23, 2010

Tribal Market on the Ninth of October

 I'm very much anticipating taking part in Tribal Market event on October 9 in Long Island city. Organized and created by my friend Masha LunaRa, an artist and jewelry designer. Cannot wait! We are talking beautiful creations of tribal wear, vegan food, sweet base sounds of dubstep, with live vj Nasha Masha, showing visuals made just for the event, belly dancer, tea ceremony and so on..! How cool is that? The first market ever will be open in two weeks, and I already am planning for the next one ;) I'm going to be setting up Earthia display with items for sale as well - knit waist bags, fingerless mitts, cat-hats, furry-loopy vests and hair accessories! It's a gathering, a trunk show, a get-together of creativity and good spirit, and love, and great intentions. 
You are welcome to join the Facebook group  Tribal Market to stay tuned for upcoming events, markets, and good-vibe gatherings of creative self-expressing artists from all over the country. 

West coast yumminess! 

Masha LunaRa herself, hanging out at our camp last Burning Man... I'm happy she is following her dream, pursuing what she loves to do, - this idea of hers with the market has been in the works for a while, it is about time the "child" sees the light ;)

Masha's black and white painting... one of my favorites.. it's called "LUNARA". I admire Masha for her talent :)

And how about feathered hair extensions? They stay in the hair for months! You can wash and style your hair as usual. This is quite an idea of Masha's, she literally can't add those fast enough to the beautiful heads of devotees of her creations! I, myself, have been trying to bump into her to have some done on my hair.. I guess, I will have to wait ha-ha ;) Btw, Masha will be doing this at Tribal Market, yay for those lucky ones, who will sport beautiful feathers in their free-spirited heads!!!

Oh so vivid designs from Xango Shola
Shola has amazing talent as well, combined with her beautiful personality, she puts together traditional ethnic wear and details together with modern silhouettes... and presentation is usually spectacular and not like anything else! Check out the website to see previous shows.

...and more... 
Ah, life! ;)

Sep 8, 2010

Where the creative things are...

As promised earlier, I'm posting a process of aging paper, as I did for my labels, and today for labels my mother's pieces at My Lovely Beads. It is so easy and fun, and that's why extremely enjoyable to make, I'm surprised we don't have ONLY home-made labels! :) No need to keep it a secret, right? Can't say it's my idea - I looked at several how-to's on the web, but this is my way of sharing. Universal knowledge, you see ;)
You will need leftover grind coffee from that morning adrenaline kick you had to receive, white paper (thicker paper will produce more durable labels, I sense), water (heat it up for speedy process), your own and any other helping hands you can acquire, some flat surface to lay your papers onto, and inspirational mood! First, fold and then tear (cutting will make edges that are too even) sheets of paper into smaller ones, the size of your choice. Soak paper pieces (it is better to make holes with the hole puncher prior to dipping paper into water, so the inside rim of the hole is also colored) in coffee+hot water for about half an hour; lay pieces - each separately - on a surface (I used a large cutting board), set it aside until dry. Aaaand... voila! Beautifully crumpled and beige! :)

P.S. I've been told, that one cool lad had taken apart all J.R.R.Tolkien books, aged ALL the pages in a similar manner, and then put them back together. Now, that's creative! 

Sep 7, 2010

All wrapped up!

  Cool weather time is not that far, you know ;) First thing I put on as soon as it gets chilly is a cozy scarf!
Here's what the finished scarf, which I posted about a week or so ago, looks like on me:

Strangely, the colors look like they're from the 70's magazine... well, I don't have a camera, true. Lost it somewhere on the nude beach last summer. But who says I regret it? Yep, yep, the pictures in the blog are taken with my iPhone, using CameraBag application, let the creators of it have endless flow of creativity ;)

Sep 6, 2010

Giving is Receiving ;)

I contemplated for a while what present to give for a birthday of my friend  and decided that she'll appreciate a scarf, made with unbleached organically grown cotton - naturally so! ;)
Oh, btw, knitting with the needles, that my dear friends Katya and Sergey gave me, is such a pleasure to the eye and to the touch, combined with the feeling of natural combed cotton yarn is pure bliss! 

Burn, baby, burn!

The Man had burned, so did the Temple... friends are coming back from Burning Man... coming back without me  this year. But all of this define the beginning of New Year anyway. This week I'll be all ears listening to everybody's stories about the magical place that Black Rock City is ;) 

Sep 5, 2010

Vest meets East

 The vest I made a couple of months ago has received finishing touches from me today. I thought, that some bright orange trim around the edges and the same yarn tassels to tie the vest would be awesome, and so it is. A little eastern flair with this color combination, and the idea trimming the garment in this way makes it slightly costume-y, in the best possible way. Thick yarn knits up very fast, is warm and pleasantly cozy and chunky to look at and wear. Loving it!