Sep 23, 2010

Tribal Market on the Ninth of October

 I'm very much anticipating taking part in Tribal Market event on October 9 in Long Island city. Organized and created by my friend Masha LunaRa, an artist and jewelry designer. Cannot wait! We are talking beautiful creations of tribal wear, vegan food, sweet base sounds of dubstep, with live vj Nasha Masha, showing visuals made just for the event, belly dancer, tea ceremony and so on..! How cool is that? The first market ever will be open in two weeks, and I already am planning for the next one ;) I'm going to be setting up Earthia display with items for sale as well - knit waist bags, fingerless mitts, cat-hats, furry-loopy vests and hair accessories! It's a gathering, a trunk show, a get-together of creativity and good spirit, and love, and great intentions. 
You are welcome to join the Facebook group  Tribal Market to stay tuned for upcoming events, markets, and good-vibe gatherings of creative self-expressing artists from all over the country. 

West coast yumminess! 

Masha LunaRa herself, hanging out at our camp last Burning Man... I'm happy she is following her dream, pursuing what she loves to do, - this idea of hers with the market has been in the works for a while, it is about time the "child" sees the light ;)

Masha's black and white painting... one of my favorites.. it's called "LUNARA". I admire Masha for her talent :)

And how about feathered hair extensions? They stay in the hair for months! You can wash and style your hair as usual. This is quite an idea of Masha's, she literally can't add those fast enough to the beautiful heads of devotees of her creations! I, myself, have been trying to bump into her to have some done on my hair.. I guess, I will have to wait ha-ha ;) Btw, Masha will be doing this at Tribal Market, yay for those lucky ones, who will sport beautiful feathers in their free-spirited heads!!!

Oh so vivid designs from Xango Shola
Shola has amazing talent as well, combined with her beautiful personality, she puts together traditional ethnic wear and details together with modern silhouettes... and presentation is usually spectacular and not like anything else! Check out the website to see previous shows.

...and more... 
Ah, life! ;)