Mar 28, 2012

Morning Couturing

Looking at some couture shows of the current season. 
Jean Paul Gaultier is my favorite. This collection is a tribute to Amy Whinehouse.
 Perfect assymetry... on black...high messy hair
Brown...lace...color blocking...sheer layers... satin...
 Lace...cream and black...see-through...sheer...white...

Mar 13, 2012

Going Away ;)

Hello, all!
I am going away for almost two weeks.. And I will be missing blogging, for sure!
Have a great beginning of the Spring, everyone ;)

Mar 9, 2012

Past Elements

Once upon a time I used to work as a paralegal at a law firm. 
I can't say I didn't like it. It's the monotonous nature of the job, that I couldn't like.
Simply, not enough visual pleasure. No color.
I kid you not, I would trade sticky pads of various colors around the office, so I have as many different ones, as possible. Same with markers and rubber bands. 
hahahaha ;))) I loved it there, awesome environment with lovely people... But  alas and hooray, I am able to dedicate much more time to Earthia, than I used to during that time.
So, something tiny and colorful... would dilute the pale yellowness of the day (the folders sometimes did came in different colors as well!)...something quirky and crazy and cute and lovely! ;))) 
like this:

More pictures under the cut... ;)

Water Bottle Sack, Personalized

As promised, I'm posting pictures of my bastardized sack for my water bottle. 
Hydrate and you'll levitate ;))) 
It's important to drink plenty, true!
I'm listing these sacks on Etsy as I write this!
Check Earthia shop to see what's new!
Large metal bead - it has been laying around for years, I finally found a place for it!

 Australia Total Solar Eclipse Festival 2012 - are you going?! ;)
 Large square opalite bead - it used to be a centerpiece of a necklace my manager from my last job brought to me from Mexico, I love this artificial stone - blue is my favorite!
The orange guy is the Reality Engine sticker ;) 

Mar 8, 2012

Paris Fall/Winter 2012/13 - Louis Vuitton

I think, I have a favorite of the season - Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012/13
Impeccable Imaginarium!
The imagination takes you on a ride around a very fashionable cartoon, in time! ;)))
Love it, entertainment is first and foremost hehe ;)) 
The hats are absolutely out of proportion this world gorgeous!!! 
I love the colors and oversized details, I love everything about this show. 
Marc Jacobs is really special to the fashion world.

Mar 7, 2012

Fun in the studio!

If you start doing what you love to do the most, you find yourself in another dimension. Living the dream, that is how it feels like ;) 
I thought a new sign for my shop, when vending would be nice. 
Upcycling.... the long side of a cupboard drawer!
I think I found it in the basement...
Acrylic paint in yummy shade of blue ;)
Like the sky, of course... most beautiful!
Then I used random small pieces of leather to make the knotty rope for the sign, I like the colors together - blue, black on wood. 

Tulip Upside Down

I am making water bottle sacks for kids too! ;)  

Mar 6, 2012

Living Earthia

I've been rearranging some things around today in the sunshine streaming through the windows!
Last night I took a look at my stock of materials and fabrics. 
As new ideas fill in the canvas of creativity, I look at what is at my hands to decide what I am going to be working with, and what not yet; sort everything by fiber content; type of fabric, garments to be re-made; sort everything out by color - love playing with color! ;) 
Spring cleaning, if you will... 
Among all the supply, there is a special place in my heart for the Precious Box. It has all the bits and leftovers of favorite yarn, trim, buttons, leather, stripes of gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, etc - not such a big box, but there is so much goodness in it! 
I just finished customizing my water bottle sack, using the insides of this PB (Precious Box), and it felt like I was using a palette of paints ;))) Digging around the colorful texturized mess ;) 
Pictures to be posted tomorrow, the light is not so good right now.
But here are some more pictures I took during the day today: 
 aurora borealis bead

i absolutely adore sparkle and something "raw", so to say, for example, fiber - un-dyed wool (in this case), ... kind of paradoxical.. and kind of not at all ;)))

 On this new coat vest i'm making (new design, model piece) I sewed 4 tiny aurora borealis beads.. i placed them in such a way around the garment, that you can only see one at a time, from each angle just one ;) and you won't be able to see it easily, just the shine ... ♥
Cat Hats are in stock now, get your festival attire taken care of ;) 
larger basket - wool, bits of various yarns put together - this one beautifully fits all 20+ pairs of handwarmers.. everything is organized and neatly sorted hehe ;)
 i totally love how thick and firm the basket came out, it holds the shape because it has this durable structure, - lots' of thin yarn together, tight stitch with a smaller hook. looving that mint and chocolate combo that just happened on it's own ;)) ♥
 crocheted basket for things - it holds things, that go in the pocket - keys etc. Very handy! Ladies who crochet, here's an idea of how to use up leftover yarn, - pile it up in one chunky yarn and knit away. 30 minutes work
cotton & lace 
area rugs, both are circles! ;) mmmmm... dreaming of a LARGE round pouf! to sit on ;) 

Fashion Shows F/W2012

My one pick is
Diesel Black Gold... 
see pictures below; and more shows tomorrow, according to Earthia ;) 

Mar 4, 2012

Just a Sunday

Yummy details around the room ;)