Mar 2, 2012

Closet Case

Buying (Fashion Merchandising) was my major at FIT, the school I graduated from with bachelor degree, not Fashion Design. So, naturally, I liked the subject, - it was about fashion, after all. I studied a lot of math, but alongside I got to learn even more of fabric science, color, trends, history of costume, pattern making, display installation, and, sure, all the business aspects of fashion world - statistics,  marketing, advertising, and so on. Generally, this is a great subject to know, as you have quite a knowledge of both sides of the industry - the artistic and the business one. And I took ballet and yoga as my physical education requirement classes! ;)))
Professional buyer is something that is in me and is here to stay, and every once in a while I catch myself thinking "this vintage skirt would be awesome on someone, too bad I don't need it"... and then I buy it for the beautiful fabric, or a cut, or uniqueness of it. So, over the years, admittedly, there is quite a collection of really nice clothes - thrift finds, vintage finds, or even unworn, or like-new current pieces hanging in a separate closet. The closet has been opened ;)
Half a day today I spent working out a place in the room to get nice pictures of yours truly wearing the goods. So far so fun! ;)))) The two skirts are the objects of desire, that some one may want to acquire ;) 
One of mannequin's boobies is squished, she fell on her face... ;( 
It's a little gray outside today, but I'm loving it ;) 
The box covered with most amazing psychedelic velvet fabric! It used to be a maxi-skirt I found in a San Francisco Salvation Army store. Stack of pillows - upcycled curtains as pillowcases, filler - small cut offs and and leftover bits of sweaters I use in making new designs. Socks.
Brown cotton velvet bell shaped skirt - hot! Very Steampunk, color is like chocolate. Current, evening wear.
Vintage tribal necklace from India, bone.
Valentino skirt. Wool. Mmmm... nude pink spectator booties with brown satin ribbons, ;) Seychelles.
Ah! the rag got in the picture again ;) It is made out of the t-shirt yarn that I made a couple of years ago, using my own unused t-shirts (duh!) and some friend's as well - thank you, guys! 
Love brights!
I will be taking more pictures, when time permits, as this project is only the beginning and I will see how it takes off. 
But these wool socks were rocking my world this whole Fall and Winter! I'm not taking them off just yet ;)