Mar 6, 2012

Living Earthia

I've been rearranging some things around today in the sunshine streaming through the windows!
Last night I took a look at my stock of materials and fabrics. 
As new ideas fill in the canvas of creativity, I look at what is at my hands to decide what I am going to be working with, and what not yet; sort everything by fiber content; type of fabric, garments to be re-made; sort everything out by color - love playing with color! ;) 
Spring cleaning, if you will... 
Among all the supply, there is a special place in my heart for the Precious Box. It has all the bits and leftovers of favorite yarn, trim, buttons, leather, stripes of gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, etc - not such a big box, but there is so much goodness in it! 
I just finished customizing my water bottle sack, using the insides of this PB (Precious Box), and it felt like I was using a palette of paints ;))) Digging around the colorful texturized mess ;) 
Pictures to be posted tomorrow, the light is not so good right now.
But here are some more pictures I took during the day today: 
 aurora borealis bead

i absolutely adore sparkle and something "raw", so to say, for example, fiber - un-dyed wool (in this case), ... kind of paradoxical.. and kind of not at all ;)))

 On this new coat vest i'm making (new design, model piece) I sewed 4 tiny aurora borealis beads.. i placed them in such a way around the garment, that you can only see one at a time, from each angle just one ;) and you won't be able to see it easily, just the shine ... ♥
Cat Hats are in stock now, get your festival attire taken care of ;) 
larger basket - wool, bits of various yarns put together - this one beautifully fits all 20+ pairs of handwarmers.. everything is organized and neatly sorted hehe ;)
 i totally love how thick and firm the basket came out, it holds the shape because it has this durable structure, - lots' of thin yarn together, tight stitch with a smaller hook. looving that mint and chocolate combo that just happened on it's own ;)) ♥
 crocheted basket for things - it holds things, that go in the pocket - keys etc. Very handy! Ladies who crochet, here's an idea of how to use up leftover yarn, - pile it up in one chunky yarn and knit away. 30 minutes work
cotton & lace 
area rugs, both are circles! ;) mmmmm... dreaming of a LARGE round pouf! to sit on ;)