Dec 29, 2012

The Ultimate Yoga Mat

I have been on the lookout for a perfect yoga mat for a few years now. And, finally, there is something wonderful, thin enough to fold into a square, perfect brown color - earthy, and not distracting, lightweight, great grip, - perfect yoga mat, that i can always bring with me, for whenever a desire to stretch strikes ;) So awesome! The mat is 1.8 mm thick, its called Go Anywhere Yoga Mat by Banyan & Bo by Gaiam.

Oct 10, 2012

Earthia For Sale!

★ ★ Earthia for SALE ★  
Sweaters, Vests, Tunics, Hats, Skirts and 
Accessories for your hair!
 ★ Please, visit Earthia Shop  
Eco-Friendly  Upcycled Recycled Sweaters, Tunic Vests and Hoodies!  All are One of a kind, unique pieces. Layer them with your favorite outfits - for a splash of color, warmth & style! Easy wear, cozy, ★ fun and beautifully hugging your figure! I hope you find an item you to fall in love  with and wear  it all the time! 
Made with LOVE
by Vanya for Earthia 
★ ★ 

Inspiration: Ladene Clark

I am so happy to find out about existance of Ladene Clark! What an icon ;) She is such a natural, and the style is effortless and unique. Just the dreadlocks alone leave me speechless! 
Please, proceed to admire!
Photographs by QuazimottoOnWax and via .Tumblr

Oct 6, 2012

Happy Weekend, everyone! ;)

I learned about some of the camera settings, Aperture, to be exact - playing with it, discovering new options for taking pictures, dreaming of my own photo camera ;)
Wearing Earthia Belted Sweater Cardigan made of upcycled wool turtleneck, visible turquoise stitching , added pom-pom and large beads hanging dangling ties, to spruce the whole look and make it more elaborate and folk. 
Also, wearing a screen printed softest thinnest cotton dress by Severyn, with his original art printed in the center - maroon and shades of turquoise! 
Cotton Indian skirt - San Francisco vintage store find - can't take it off.
Large crystal heart pendant on a braided simple undyed yarn cord.
 Velvet ribbon from a trimming store, rolled into a thin headband - those shorter dreadlocks get in the way sometimes! ;) 
Still sporting the neon pink nails - I think I might stick with this color all through the winter to give that needed color splash for an eye-candy. Color is 24/7, by the way.
Loving color blue! Interestingly, BLUE is responsible for creativity, so, if you are loving this color especially, most likely you like to create, or would like to create something, but don't yet for some reason. Wishing everyone eager to become arty-crafty in any way to explore that medium of self expression - be it appreciating art, or making it. I am in love with many shades of blue, and never get tired of it - it is the color of fifth chakra, and represents artistic nature. 
Burning white sage in the morning sets everything into right mood, grounded, yet light and comforting.
Green tea with mango from this favorite colorful cup ;)
My father gave me this delicious book - there are hundreds of beautiful textiles, made by crafters, gathered together into a nice visual piece as this publication is. 
I love knits so much! This is one of the reasons I mainly make clothing out of woolens and jerseys - so easy to wear and get cozy in them! I love the texture, natural fibers and color ways - cannot pass by a rack of Earthia merchandise sitting in my room without taking a picture or two! 
Crystal heart pendant - I love crystals, even if it's artificial glass aurora borealis shining thing. It is pretty in the regular light, but in the sun it catches the sun rays and gives off such incredibly beautiful sparkle, in blue!

Sep 29, 2012

Vivienne Westwood S/S 2013

I love Vivienne Westwood passionately. 
Absolutely fantastic collection. Again! ;) 

Sep 28, 2012


What a day with my girls!!!!!!!! My neighborhood was shined through with beauty today, see for yourself! ;) So many pictures to go through and work on for posting of Earthia!!!! so grateful for today with Heather and Masha! Thank you, loves for loving me ♥ I had amazing time in your presence today, as I always do ;) i love you! Vanya! ♥ little teasing won't hurt anyone!
Buy this sweater and see what else I have for you in my shop, as it fills with new items.
I have received a lot of requests about men's sweaters - coming soon, Gentlemen! 
Much love,

Sep 24, 2012

Why Pirate

Tara Lotus has inspired me to piratize my jacket.
Here's how I did it, it's very easy:
take a pair of scissors and cut thin stripes off along the edges - wherever you wish. I did it along most of the jacket's edges haha ;) 
I made little cuts at the elbow level, then tore apart more with my hands to make bigger holes - don't go too hard here, or you'll have to sew it back together!
I did the same thing along the shoulders, towards the back.. you can do it in any part of your denim project ;) 
Now you can wash it in the washer to fray the edges. 
Add patches, beads, lace - anything you have handy and love. 
Love worn tattered look!
Rip here, rip there - no end to perfect tear and tatter!
My friend Levka gave me a pair of jeans he had worn to, according to him "shreds", I used the good parts of this quality pile of denim, perfectly worn. The heart-shaped pocket has been added by me to the right side  - very handy! It fits tiny things like coins - love that ;) 

Earthia Legwarmers

Sometimes I knit and embroider ;) 
Earthia One Of A Kind hand-knit legwarmers. Exquisite, unique, beautiful, warm - perfect fall and winter leg accessory ;) Multi-ply wool in gorgeous earthy tones, hand-embroidered with semi-precious stones and beads, wide recycled leather ties - in the back.

Marc Jacobs FW 2012

Loving Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter collection - oversized hats, exaggerated lines, chunky knits, brocade patterns and sox+shoes=love!

Sep 22, 2012

Lavender Blues at Joao Pimenta

At Joao Pimenta SS2013 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week: 
I'm loving the monstrous beauty of color for men ;P 

Sep 21, 2012

New Arm Warmers/Hand Warmers

Hi, dears! 
Today I've been working on the updated version of the hand warmers aka arm warmers!
There are lots of various colors, and this is a new pattern that I'm perfecting. 
Doing what I love - working with color ;)

In Layers

Can we shout AMAZING?! ;) 
Easy layers, purposely disheveled wish precision! 
In love! Shades of black, gray, charcoal and some dust on the boots?
I hope it's from the Playa ;)

From Russia with Love

That quote is so overused, but being of a Russian origin, I forgive myself for overusing it sometimes ;) 
My latest crush on a designer has been steady, - she is a woman, a gorgeous talented woman - fashion designer - Ulyana Sergeenko. 
This her below - sporting exeptional style of her own - i'm in love! She embraces some of the Soviet era nostalgia through FASHION - how cool is that ;) 

I posted some shots from her last year collection, and now I want to share what she had for us for the W/F 2012
I love the demure and sexy lines, excellent cut, color, fabrics and textures - everything works perfect together, is pretty far out, and, at the same time, is exaggerated classic. 
With a Russian flair. 
I know I'm pulling out my wool flower-printed scarf for the fall ;) 
The post is long, but the pictures are so worth it!

Sep 20, 2012

Yoga Pose

I can't imagine practicing asanas in anything wool, except for wool socks, sometimes, perhaps. I love the presentation of the styles of this laid back garb, give me yoga every day, any day!
Speaking of practicing yoga - on September 22, in Brooklyn Bridge park in NYC a yoga in the park is going to take place to the sounds of DJ Drez.
Pre-register on the website and see you there ;)
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ 
images via Yoga Journal, Russian edition from a few years back 

Aug 25, 2012

Designer: John Galliano

John Galliano, without a doubt, my most favorite creator of fashion. Period. ;) 
Here are a few images from various collections, that I find inspire me at the moment:

Pastels & Faux Fur

For my Fall/Winter selection of Earthia clothes I want to incorporate faux fur into the designs.
I have plenty of ideas in my head, and here's some past designer collections, using fur, and i like how they do it (images via Here are a few models of A.F. Vandevorst Fall/Winter 2005 collection.
I like a slight dishevelment in the look - lingerie lace worn on a regular garment, added comfort with fur footwear, cropped and tight shearling reads warmth and easy movement, comfy stretchy capri pants, easy jersey tops, thin and thick knit combo, dark on dark, pastels together, unworked edges of garments... it is all pretty perfect ;)