Nov 30, 2010

Chill Pill

If you are in LA area, you have an opportunity to attend this workshop, where you can knit your very own Chill Pill!!! ;)))

Perfect wool

Search for perfect wool can be endless - as my needs change from project to project, as do my expectations of wool. Right now I need naturally colored, un-dyed pure wool that felts nicely, that is soft and wearable against the skin, and affordable in price. That is. And I had to order a try out skein of Lion Brand Collection Pure Wool, which comes only in one color that nature created - "natural". 
So excited to start making my project with it! 

The yarn.

The color of natural fiber as mother nature intended it to be. Even with all my love for bright colors, I confess, that at any given time, anything natural (color in this case) would be my last choice... ;)

Nov 26, 2010


On man's fashion... Layers for comfort, soft draping in simple earthy shades for easy life... These clothes are made for moving! ;)


Let the didge decoration begin!

I started decorating my newly gifted didgeridoo. First, I used up-cycled leather for two stripes - at the bottom of the instrument and at the top.  I'm adding a crocheted strap, that is going to be attached to either leather piece, - for carrying my didge around. At the top part I also tied a silk string with Aurora Borealis beads and wooden beads - for some sparkly dangle while in action! Hopefully, next week I'll get some beeswax to make the mouthpiece, which is now missing, - I can't really play without it - the opening is way too large, and the sound is not right. 
Seriously considering getting a wood burning tool - to burn out dotty designs all over... What joy it is to spend some time with this toy! ;) Life!

Adding an amazing video of healing magical sounds of Didgeridoo played by Jeremy Donovan, who is aboriginal artist. See the video to awe and enjoy!
And these guys are unreal!!! Their energy is soooo thick!!! watch them play! One more here ;)
Another amazing artist Adele, from Paris - she plays on the streets - video, she's incredible!!!

Best gifts come when you less expect them

Yesterday I gave thanks, and I received a gift from my dear friends Yasha and Yulya in a form of the most wanted by me musical instrument - didgeridoo!!! How happy I am!!! Now I need to make a mouthpiece out of wax, and add some decoration on it.

Yasha & Yulya. Yasha plays various instruments easily, but the didge was sitting untouched, as he said he never heard anyone getting a sound out of it before me. Thank you, dear people, I love you! It sure is a cherished gift for me.

These are some beautifully decorated didgeridoos, wouldn't you say? :)
Here is what didgeridoo sounds like, so healing!

Nov 25, 2010

New rug!

Enough t-shirts accumulated, finally, to let me start crocheting new rug. I'll try to think through the colors this time, as I have a pile of stuff I can cut into yarn, from which I can create color patterns. So far, it has been black/brown/green earthy shades... Will see if there's going to be enough of only those colors to keep the rug in the colors of a cartoonish forest ;) 
Yay for colors!!! 
(on this Thanksgiving day, I also am grateful to enjoy color!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I'm thankful for yet another opportunity to give thanks, especially on a day, when so many people are aware of their gratitude to whatever they're grateful for... anything and everything, - it's a great feeling, truly! I'm wishing you a happy holiday! :)

I found this plate of dinner made by Sarah through google, isn't it yummy ;)))) 

 I will be enjoying everything else, but turkey itself, being a vegetarian. I will knit a little scarf for an imaginary turkey, a symbolic proclamation of  compassion to a living creature. I'm thankful to have come to realize that the illusion of superiority of  homo sapience ends when the evidential existence of another life  is a fact.

Happy Thanksgiving! ;) 

Nov 19, 2010

Notes on yarn

I have been experimenting with yarns as long as I can remember myself knitting. The touch, the thickness, the care - it all plays important role in making and wearing a garment. Over the years I came to conclusion, that 100 % wool yarns are not necessarily the best option, when hand knitting a piece of clothing or accessory, especially, when an item is going to be worn against the skin. I have found, that yarn blends are so much more convenient and easier to use and care for, especially for such things as hats. I have a custom request from my beautiful friend Katya - she wants me to knit a really chunky hat with pom-poms here and there, and I can't imagine making one out of pure thickest bulkiest wool, - it simply will be too hot to wear, and, quite possibly, too heavy and even itchy. Will she be able to lift her head, if I use 200 grams of, say, thick alpaca? I don't think so! ;) Plus, you can only hand-wash wool, or else it will felt and shrink! Still in search for perfect super bulky yarn for her. Here are some yarns, mostly pure wool, great color choices, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Just an eye candy :) 

Nov 18, 2010

One Happy Cat! ;)

 Today was one of those days, that I call Half-and-Half - morning was oh so sunny - filled with sunny people, reflecting in all directions as the Sun itself was high and bright in the sky; and the afternoon said "i feel gloomy" and even shed some tiny drops of tears. Color! It saves the half-and-half day sometimes! ;) And connecting with a sunny person..
I was meeting with Dina today - she kindly ordered custom-made cat-hat and the mitts. What a happy person she is! To add to her lovely natural cheerful beauty, she's also a burner and a great photographer. 
Do check out her pictures, they're pleasing to all the senses that can be pleased through our eyes ;)  

Chuckle-chuckle chunky!

Doesn't it feel nice to be outside at anytime, even when the weather is having mood swings, bringing cold air, wind and, before we know it, snow? Nothing is better than some fresh air, even if its cold. Cozy up with layers, wrap yourself in chunky goodness of knits, i say!
I make friends with winter, I'm happy to, bring on the snowflakes, I'll catch them with my tongue! ;)
I think I found perfect chunky yarn by Lion Brand - great selection of color, lightweight, machine - washable and dry-able, cozy and warm - what more can a knitter, or a wearer, for that matter, ask for? Off to my projects, stay tuned for the pictures of new hats in the making! Good day and lots of sunshine in your soul! 

Nov 13, 2010

Inspiring you

I must mention a tumblr page of a person, whose vision of life is expressed on that website with pictures, and this is where I take so many of the images I post here and save in my "Inspiration" folder on my hard drive. I feel lucky to have discovered Cosmic Dust and grateful to her for sharing anything and everything that she does. And the fact that she lives in an Earth Ship just puts my impression and awe with her over the top! ;) Love and light to you, Cosmic Dust creature ;) I hope you will enjoy her page as much as I do. Happy browsing!

Sweet November...

...sparkles! It's blues, it's jazz, it's lullaby, it's here to announce another season. But who wants to let go of Summer? I say I weave little sparkle, little glow, little rainbow and off I go! 
This cuff bracelet is just what's needed to not feel gloomy, but sunny ;) Crocheted and then felted of pure softest buttery to the touch alpaca yarn,  embroidered with Aurora Borealis vintage beads. Enchanting! Wearing it today to the Tribal Market party - the whole night of yoga, dance, and energy swaps between beautiful creatures!  Will see if this fellah raises any questions about me being overly happy expressing myself ever so brightly ;) Till next time! 

Nov 12, 2010

I missed you too, weeklies!

How are November blues with you? Well, here's what they're doing to me :)))  - I'm at the point of feeling mute in color - think sepia, beige, off-white, grayish brown AND, at the same time, wanting to add specks of brightness to everything, just a tad.. for sparkle in the cold air, for butterfly effect, if I may say so ;) 

Tribal Market II - Night Time Edition

Bigger than ever, now with the sweetest of an accompaniment as a great party can be Tribal Market second edition!!! As part of the Xango Infinity event this time, the Market is definitely not to be missed. I don't know of an event to combine so much goodness into one celebration of life and it's gifts such as DANCE and YOGA! Dreamy, right?  Please, do treat yourself and come ;) (Find the details and the line-up below the flyer, and psssst... have I mentioned, that the entrance is free before 7 pm?)
Let's meet @ 
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

XANGO INFINITY, a colossal collaboration of dj's, live bands, artists, dancers, Xango fashion show, tribal market, interactive video art, yoga, aerialists, live drummers, delicious foods and a bar... with all of these elements synthesized in a 8,000 sq foot warehouse, with comfy nooks to connect and feast and plenty of dance floor to explore with sounds from all over the planet.

5 PM - 5 AM

15$, FREE before 7 PM

Doors open at 5 PM with access to the Tribal Market curated by Lunara's Treasury, the community of designers who bring colors to our Tribe... created to attract conscious people who seek a healthy lifestyle and good fashion flavor.

At 7 PM begins a yoga class with the amazing Maximus with live sounds provided by a special secret guest.

At 9 PM we will open the entire 8,000 sq foot space:


Cumba Mela Collective
Xango Fashion Show
Joro Boro
Dj $mall Change
Barney Iller
Optimus Tribe
Tape Deck Prophets
Toca and the Ale Ale Drummers
Radia Hope

In the ROOM of LIVE

Bad Buka
Adam Collett
Holy God
Dynasty Electric
Alokananda & Srikala


* Clothing, accessories, Lunara's feather extensions and more from a host of exciting young designers
* Delicious healthy foods, kombucha and a mate bar
* Altar and art auction for Taita Juan, the indigenous Colombian healer who was recently detained for possession of his ancestral medicine
* kA will be singing songs from the spirit to heal and transform + selling native beadwork from the Huichol peopl

Join us on Facebook: Tribal Market,
Event Information Xango Infinity

Nov 10, 2010

Cat Hat

It's the hat, it's the cat, it's the cat in a hat! ;) 
Unique? For sure! - you make it so by wearing it. So, if you are wondering about where and how to get one of my beautiful Cat Hats, write to me either here, in comments, or to my email, and I will let you know how it works.
For now I make it in amazingly soft and warm Wool/Acrylic blend in the prettiest shade ever!
See for yourself in the picture below. The second you put it on magic begins! ;)


Chunky knits? Yes, please! Soft, warm, machine washable, generous color selection... what more can one ask for? See colors in a chart with the names