Nov 26, 2010

Let the didge decoration begin!

I started decorating my newly gifted didgeridoo. First, I used up-cycled leather for two stripes - at the bottom of the instrument and at the top.  I'm adding a crocheted strap, that is going to be attached to either leather piece, - for carrying my didge around. At the top part I also tied a silk string with Aurora Borealis beads and wooden beads - for some sparkly dangle while in action! Hopefully, next week I'll get some beeswax to make the mouthpiece, which is now missing, - I can't really play without it - the opening is way too large, and the sound is not right. 
Seriously considering getting a wood burning tool - to burn out dotty designs all over... What joy it is to spend some time with this toy! ;) Life!

Adding an amazing video of healing magical sounds of Didgeridoo played by Jeremy Donovan, who is aboriginal artist. See the video to awe and enjoy!
And these guys are unreal!!! Their energy is soooo thick!!! watch them play! One more here ;)
Another amazing artist Adele, from Paris - she plays on the streets - video, she's incredible!!!