Nov 19, 2010

Notes on yarn

I have been experimenting with yarns as long as I can remember myself knitting. The touch, the thickness, the care - it all plays important role in making and wearing a garment. Over the years I came to conclusion, that 100 % wool yarns are not necessarily the best option, when hand knitting a piece of clothing or accessory, especially, when an item is going to be worn against the skin. I have found, that yarn blends are so much more convenient and easier to use and care for, especially for such things as hats. I have a custom request from my beautiful friend Katya - she wants me to knit a really chunky hat with pom-poms here and there, and I can't imagine making one out of pure thickest bulkiest wool, - it simply will be too hot to wear, and, quite possibly, too heavy and even itchy. Will she be able to lift her head, if I use 200 grams of, say, thick alpaca? I don't think so! ;) Plus, you can only hand-wash wool, or else it will felt and shrink! Still in search for perfect super bulky yarn for her. Here are some yarns, mostly pure wool, great color choices, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Just an eye candy :)