Apr 30, 2012

LaCy Mondays ;)

Design my own shop banner - lace and all ;) Notice it on the left, leading to my Etsy shop.
I love my little photoshop adventures and explorations, - every time I use it, i discover something new - primitive and obvious things, that were always there, but until you really need them, you won't notice them, you know? like in life ;))) Sure, being aware of the moment has some benefits - haha ;))))
Here's the bigger version... i love the combination of colors - swampy, almost fluorescent green, light dreamy blue, white and hay/jute/what is the proper name of the color anyway? ;) 
I'll be doing lots of cleaning and sorting - of the stock of supplies for working, my wardrobe, of my papers, - all of it has be done, because I am going away for a little while, on vacation!
To my beloved California!!!
In my plans are San Francisco - for a day of my birthday; then an awesome gathering at the Pyramid lake, in Nevada, called Symbiosis.
Then, probably, will find myself either near Mt. Shasta, or, more likely down West at a yoga retreat, where I'm to spend about a week, hopefully.
So, if you want to buy anything Earthia - I have in stock lots of very practical and cutest water bottle sacks/bags/holders; some extremely adorable upcycled children's vests;
stellar sweater tunics, sweater vests and dresses; and a few tops - all lovingly recycled and upcycled by yours, truly.
Please, visit my Shop.
I will ship the last order on May 11, 2012.
If you have any questions, you can always shoot me a message on Etsy, or, if you don't have an account there, e-mail me, and i'll be happy to respond to you, as soon as i get the message.
Thank you for stopping by today,
wishing everyone an amazing week! ;)

Apr 28, 2012

Running Arounds Around ;)

Sunny here, in Brooklyn! 
I hope, that whatever your place inhabitant is, you are pleased with the current weather.
Looks like I am going to spend this weekend working on Earthia, taking more pictures, listing more items in my Etsy shop, which takes a lot of time to do! 
And cook something simple and yummy ;)

I'm flying! While wearing:
Raw silk embroidered top - a pass-along gift
Brown cotton ruffled skirt - thrift store find! It makes soft sounds, when I walk.
Bell bottom jeans - customized by Earthia.

Apr 27, 2012

New Clothing for Sale!

I'm posting some of the reference pictures now of new items I've made.
Some of the tunics, duster tunics and sweater coats are not my size, but I wore them for the pictures anyway. I'll post more photos on Etsy, as the mannequin is showing the item even better, and I'm able to take more detailed shots ;)


Feeling like adding a weeklies post to sum up the week.
Because I don't utilize .tmblr, i end up making more posts a day than i would, if i had one more outlet for my "likes" and inspirations. Ok, Pinterest doesn't count ;)
Working with recycled denim has been bringing visual imagination to my head, which can be described, by grasping all of the below images at once, and breathing out the idea of an item, or an outfit ;) 
Breath in... breath out... ;) 

Dirty and alive!

Dirty with ideas and plans! What is dirt, but a build up of the memories.. ideas, dreams and plans are the projection of the past into the future! ;)
So, it feels very alive to be all covered in DIRT! haha ;) 
Before I start taking pictures of all the new tunics and dusters for sale,
my awesomely clumsy pictures of today's outfit!

Upcycled Vest - Earthia
Plaid shirt - American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted
Jeans - TRF by Zara, gift from my friend Katusha

Apr 25, 2012

To Ozric Tentacles

Meeting up with friends later today - yay! ;)
Working on a tunic. I love wearing sleeveless garments for warmth, arms don't get cold ;)
Trying to put attention on the glass crystal bead that one of the pointy edges has ;)
Different color socks, yes! ;)
 The above mentioned crystal...
Close up of gorgeous textures and patterns... patchwork of woolens, beads here and there...   ;)
Patchwork Beaded Unicorn Vest  by Earthia
Skirt - thrifted linen skirt, love the ruffle!
Tank-top - thrifted
Messy hair ;)

Apr 24, 2012

New Items in the shop! ;)

Shop here 

Denim on denim

I'm keen of denim on denim, why not? I love denim, i love blue... I love separates ;) 
Borrowed the camera again - fun! ;)))
Taking pictures is like drawing, a little bit ;)) Also, colors and also, dimension hehe ;) 
Sporting the new favorite bell bottoms! Yeah! 
These should drag on the floor even more, actually.. adding a piece of denim trim to it tonight...
As one lady on Pinterest mentioned, having been a youth in the seventies.. "they weren't cool if the bells didn't drag on on the ground... that's just the way it was" - brilliant! ;)
 Always adding something quirky, like a blue velvet heart ;) I like the small and delicate matte finish clasps on the shirt... And the pocket detail. 
I know i'll be having fun in this department haha! ;)
So.. wearing.. she is...
Bell Bottom Jeans - "Fun", Customized by Earthia
Shirt - vintage, i kid you not, the label reads "Hot Babe"! and it also says "Donovan" - whatever applies ;) 
Belt - "Luella"
Bracelets - vintage

Apr 22, 2012

A girl can dream ;)

Dreaming of making a fire every morning and night... cooking delicious vegetarian meals, using collected fallen branches in the forests of California...
Gazing a the stars to the songs of little rivers and listening to mother Nature's lullabies at night...
Waking up with the sunrise and welcoming each moment anew ;)
Summer is almost here!
Can you smell the fire? ;)

Rained in

Rained in and happy! ;)
Created new Business Card - by myself! yeah! Satisfied. 
Now I'm thinking what to put on the back side... the ideas so far were - leaving it blank, so people can make notes on it, if they need a scribble piece of paper... a lunar calendar for 2013... a regular calendar for 2013... a cheer note... 
it is up to me! and that feels amazing! ;)))) 
Getting on with Twitter more - EarthiaClothing is my tweeter username. What is the bestest Twitter client for Mac OS X? Trying now Twitterific...
Google+ has pages, you all! Just like Facebook ;) 
Now you can find Earthia on Google+ as a page as well - in case some of you don't have a fb account.
Social networking is fun!

Apr 21, 2012

Miraculous you

There is  divine force in each of us, the one, that emerges, when everything else that we have had encountered over our lifetimes has no sense or meaning...
Realizing that divinity, and making it stay with us, being aware of it - is art, art of living. So simple ;) Creativity is human nature. Find that center in you and hold on to it. 
Believe, that you can... whatever you are trying to do - no need for advise, for approval, confirmation from the outside. How can the divine be not good? ;) Simply believe, that you are divine in your whole being, it is your nature ;)
Wishing everyone crazy-amazing weekend! 
much love, 
Vanya of Earthia
Rocking out to Etnoscope's Freedom ;)
One of my favorites - Medieval-toned psytrance!

Apr 20, 2012

Living Earthia

I love being in my room/studio/working space!
Apparently, I love taking pictures too ;))) 
For the life of me, i am not able to get a descent self-portrait - oh, well! 
I had taken some photos of my place before, here's some more ;)

Apr 19, 2012

Appalachia Rising

These two ladies blow my mind by their style... lifestyle, that is. 
So free and beautiful!
The sister project Appalachia Rising is based in New Orleans!

Lovely yogis, fly!!!

Causing smiles in children is magic!
Beautiful video, Appalachia Rising duet of two sisters: 
love this song and the video styling...

Apr 18, 2012

Galaxy Song

"Whenever life gets  you down, Missis Brown, and things seem hard or tough..." ;)))
Monty Python's Galaxy Song!

My bottom is flare

Working on customizing my very own dark-blue jeans (the brand reads "Fun", btw) with the most gorgeous pockets, belt loops in brass studs! In worn out places, the dark denim has exposed perfect blue! Matches the velvet fabric I got from my mom, who, btw, cut off a piece back, when she visited haha ;) She needs it for her jewelry project with beading and all - gonna talk about it sometime in the future.
I flared the jeans, that are so low-cut! wow, i love it! - with this blue velvet, and added a heart in the place, where i think it's perfectly popping out! 
At first, i wanted to stick it on the butt, but it'd be a pity to wear the velvet out so quickly ;)
Tomorrow i'm posting pictures of the bellbottoms I made for sale!!! 
I loooove working with any shade of blue.. 
Totally blissed out! ;)
Also, found wonderful cashmere sweaters for the Urban Nomad tunics - working on them tomorrow!
Stay tuned ;)

New Items in the Shop :)