Apr 21, 2012

Miraculous you

There is  divine force in each of us, the one, that emerges, when everything else that we have had encountered over our lifetimes has no sense or meaning...
Realizing that divinity, and making it stay with us, being aware of it - is art, art of living. So simple ;) Creativity is human nature. Find that center in you and hold on to it. 
Believe, that you can... whatever you are trying to do - no need for advise, for approval, confirmation from the outside. How can the divine be not good? ;) Simply believe, that you are divine in your whole being, it is your nature ;)
Wishing everyone crazy-amazing weekend! 
much love, 
Vanya of Earthia
Rocking out to Etnoscope's Freedom ;)
One of my favorites - Medieval-toned psytrance!