Apr 12, 2012

Operation Evolvation ;)

Good Morning!
Did you know, that on this day, April 12, in 1961 first human went into Space?
But he did! Yuri Gagarin was the name of the lucky handsome dude!
Now, not to space out on the more down-to-earth events...
Good morning!!! ;))))
As i'm sipping my delicious chai lattte, I'd like to share a couple of things with you. 
Chai Latte Recipe:
*i eyeball all the ingredients, and suggest you do to - best results when you cook with spices is to taste!
1 cup of Water 
1 Cinnamon stick

3 pods of Cardamom

3 Black Peppercorns

5 Cloves

a tiny bit of Bay Leaf
Sliced Ginger - size of the tip of a thumb
1 Tb spoon of Black tea ( i use Ceylon)
Sweetener of choice, to taste
*If using honey, don't cook it, but add afterwards
Drop all of the above into the water.
Before it starts to boil, add milk of choice - 1/2-1/3 of a cup.
Let all of the above simmer for 5 minutes, lowering the heat, as soon as it boils.
In a separate dish, heat up some milk/cream/half-half, whisk it vigorously to foam. Don't let it boil.
Pour chai into a cup, using sifter.
Pour frothed milk/cream you just made.
Indulge ;)

 Mmmmm! awesome foam, no need for frothing machine, just a pot and a regular whisk!
However, if you own a french press, that works too, as I was shown by one Italian lady, who likes her cappuccinos home-made ;) Simply pour hot (not boiled) milk of choice into the press and work the handle up and down, until you create nice firm fluffy foam!
 My business cards, I'm proud not for the design itself - it's alright heheh, but for the fact, that I did it myself, after a frustrated search for a graphic designer whose prices would be reasonable enough for me, AND who would feel Earthia spirit ;) There are a few things I'll do differently next time, sure, - that is why i cherish flaws all around: you can see what can be changed, and working on changes is most joyous and beautiful experience to me, as a human ;)
Load of sweaters - hoodies, sleeveless tunics, short sexy ones - all for sale ;)
This Saturday at the Golden Drum, in Brooklyn join me and other fun-loving souls for a beautiful event of yet another Spring celebration. There is going to be a market of hand-made clothes, jewelry, accessories and much more!
Come one, come all! 
See the Facebook event Here

Schedule of the Event:

Come and celebrate the warmth, light and life of spring!

At Golden Drum ~ Saturday April 14th from 3-9:30pm.

*~ AQUARIAN ARTS MARKET..................ALL DAY LONG ~*

*~ YOGA with ALYONA MINDLIN....................3-4:30pm ~*

- PERMACULTURE EXPERT .......................5-6:15pm ~*

*~ VEGETARIAN DINNER ...............................6:30-7pm ~*

*~ LIVE KIRTAN with SRIKALA & JESSE...........7:30-8:30pm ~*

*~ DRUM CIRCLE & CLOSING PRAYERS............9-9:30pm ~*

Raw Chocolate by Flowering Sun Chocolate
Beyond Kombucha ~ Artisan Fermented Tea

$15 Admission
includes yoga, lecture, dinner, music, and drumming

Golden Drum website
Andrew Faust - watch and listen
Srikala & Jesse - see