Apr 24, 2012

Denim on denim

I'm keen of denim on denim, why not? I love denim, i love blue... I love separates ;) 
Borrowed the camera again - fun! ;)))
Taking pictures is like drawing, a little bit ;)) Also, colors and also, dimension hehe ;) 
Sporting the new favorite bell bottoms! Yeah! 
These should drag on the floor even more, actually.. adding a piece of denim trim to it tonight...
As one lady on Pinterest mentioned, having been a youth in the seventies.. "they weren't cool if the bells didn't drag on on the ground... that's just the way it was" - brilliant! ;)
 Always adding something quirky, like a blue velvet heart ;) I like the small and delicate matte finish clasps on the shirt... And the pocket detail. 
I know i'll be having fun in this department haha! ;)
So.. wearing.. she is...
Bell Bottom Jeans - "Fun", Customized by Earthia
Shirt - vintage, i kid you not, the label reads "Hot Babe"! and it also says "Donovan" - whatever applies ;) 
Belt - "Luella"
Bracelets - vintage