Apr 18, 2012

My bottom is flare

Working on customizing my very own dark-blue jeans (the brand reads "Fun", btw) with the most gorgeous pockets, belt loops in brass studs! In worn out places, the dark denim has exposed perfect blue! Matches the velvet fabric I got from my mom, who, btw, cut off a piece back, when she visited haha ;) She needs it for her jewelry project with beading and all - gonna talk about it sometime in the future.
I flared the jeans, that are so low-cut! wow, i love it! - with this blue velvet, and added a heart in the place, where i think it's perfectly popping out! 
At first, i wanted to stick it on the butt, but it'd be a pity to wear the velvet out so quickly ;)
Tomorrow i'm posting pictures of the bellbottoms I made for sale!!! 
I loooove working with any shade of blue.. 
Totally blissed out! ;)
Also, found wonderful cashmere sweaters for the Urban Nomad tunics - working on them tomorrow!
Stay tuned ;)