Apr 22, 2012

Rained in

Rained in and happy! ;)
Created new Business Card - by myself! yeah! Satisfied. 
Now I'm thinking what to put on the back side... the ideas so far were - leaving it blank, so people can make notes on it, if they need a scribble piece of paper... a lunar calendar for 2013... a regular calendar for 2013... a cheer note... 
it is up to me! and that feels amazing! ;)))) 
Getting on with Twitter more - EarthiaClothing is my tweeter username. What is the bestest Twitter client for Mac OS X? Trying now Twitterific...
Google+ has pages, you all! Just like Facebook ;) 
Now you can find Earthia on Google+ as a page as well - in case some of you don't have a fb account.
Social networking is fun!