Apr 17, 2012

He calls it "My New York"

...and I call it awesome street fashion shots! 
I'd like to share my dear friend Misha Gulko's photographs, that I find really unique in the way that he sees style. Surely, he is one stylish guy himself.
You can spot a photographer by the way they change completely, as soon as they see an object of interest, they transform. Into an artist in an instance! ;)
And, of course, in New York, one with a good eye and a camera has a whole dimension to themselves to discover human nature from a different view, other than a regular passer by.
I love style, fashion - not so much of interest to me anymore... but prominent expression of freedom in such a beautiful way as personal style is fascinating!
You will find many more great photographs on Misha's Facebook page: 
Misha Gulko, sometimes his camera captures celebrities too ;)
Also, see his work at his website
I think he's really talented in capturing people's emotions too.
Perhaps, one day he'll find himself in the blogosphere of street fashion ;)

 So natural.. viking invasion in NYC! Notice the ragged backpack straps!
Beard dreadlocks! love...
Men, elevated? Why the havens not? ;) 
Yellows and browns on the left - perfect, delicious shot! Tailed dude on the right - the stride is there, even in the stillness of the picture ;)
Oh, woman in a ragged to perfection top hat! Oh, those blond locks carefree tied with a thick crochet scarf... and the patchwork shearling jacket... and the sparkly bindi... and the face with glistening eyelids lined in black... love! Burgundy on the alien from planet Fashion... i can almost smell the fragrance of a velvet rose ;))) 
For some, Burning Man lasts all year round! And lucky they are ;) On the right - no comments, just a wide smile!
Men in black ;) Both are awesome, so differently awesome! 
So are these two dudes!
Classic New York ;))) A couple, dressed in unison, if you will ;)