Jul 29, 2012

As Serious As Neon

"What if i told you, that you can choose and adopt more than one style?" 
I'm delightfully in the phase of loving extra glow and sparkle. Beyond the subtle pastel sheen of mother of pearl, and, certainly, beyond bright lime and pink - i want it neon! ;) 
 Blumarine Fall/Winter 2012 has so much to satisfy any color and shine deprivation!
Loving their collection.
Pearlscent nude - love! Animal print mish-mash - perfection to walk that stride! 
 Stunning matte black georgette number - simplicity, that can turn into the most versatile piece, and it should. Silver mermaid mini-dress - not my style, but I adore this dress!  
Fantastic blues and lime greens, and ohhh!!! so much shiny color  - double love! ;) Especially digging the motorcycle boots in holographic interpretation ;) 
Beautiful spring green with pink glow - wow ;) Blue stardust sprinkled all over the dress on the right  - so sexy and playful!
My favorite of the whole collection is the dress on the left... it's perfect. I'd accessorize it with my bare feet and no makeup ;) 
Images via Style.com 

Jul 22, 2012

Dreadlocks Accessories in the Earthia Shop!

Dreadlock/Braid Tie for sale in my Etsy shop
You can wear Earthia dreadlock ties/wraps or braid ties in many ways, - just let your imagination flow - tie it the way you like and think is best looking for you. Made of gorgeous wool yarn called "Autumn Trails" and various beads, pearls, stones, shells, pearls, bells.

Dreadlocks Love

Dreadlocks always fascinated me. It's freedom, it's beauty, it's natural essence of self-acceptance.
Ever since I started to dread my own hair last October, while in Cali, I stopped worrying about many things, one of them is - to style my hair. The concept of "style" is just gone.
I feel that I can wear my hair, but i don't see it as style. I feel having dreads as natural as having eyelashes ;))
All I do in the shower is wash my hair and dry it. I don't have to put any chemicals in my hair, I don't have build up of that neither in my scalp, nor in the hair itself - it is always squeaky clean, soft and.... cuddly! ;)   I find myself not even thinking, if I like how my hair looks, as there is always a notion of being satisfied with its state ;) I just leave my hair alone, for goodness sake! ;)
I can write about how much I love dreadlocks for pages, and those, who grow their own will understand me. There's definitely romanticism about such a choice of wearing hair, and I find many webpages, forums, .tumblr pages, photo albums, where people share images of people with dreadlocks, as they are really inspiring - most of the people with dreads look so comfortable in their skin, in their surroundings, they feel so cozy and peaceful ;)
So, why don't I share some of the finds here too, I'd love some dreaded human creatures looking at you from the pages of my blog. 
Please, forgive me for not giving the credit for the pictures - I find them all over the internet, and it is less likely, that there's a pointed source of the original photo, than not. If you recognize yourself (yay!) or someone you know, or don't want your picture to be floating on Earthia blog, let me know so ;)

Jul 21, 2012

Wardrobe Fusion

I love styling clothes, I love style, I love how playful it can get, I love, that people can express themselves through clothes, and the least important thing here is "trend" - that one can get you and take away some of your personality! ;))
 I wish there was not an individual, expressing their opinion on what and how and by whom should clothes be worn. I mean... no white shoes after when? The shoes matching the what?? hehe
Alas, there is such a phenomena as "fashion" - mainstream-accepted current trend. Desire to belong to a group is strong, we all like to feel comfortable and safe.
Happily, I am over the phaze, where I felt the need to be accepted according to my clothes - I'm just having ridiculous fun with my clothes, embracing this feminine quality to dress up ;))) 
It's like a play, and humans are so playful!
I don't often post what I wear, I, however, wish I did.. 
I totally respect and admire those gorgeous women, who share their expressive styles on the web! 
It is a little vain, just a tad ;)))) 
Vintage shearling vest - got it off ebay some years ago.
The braided yarn cord, semi-precious stone rose flower on top of a little fur piece (all upcycled materials), large crystal aurora borealis heart, large metal bead, - were all added by me.
Raggedy rags ;))) Layered thrifted tops; thrifted brown cotton ruffled skirt...

I do love an edge from time to time, anywhere, really - that's why I let myself indulge into the Games of Thrones - bloody movie that it is! 
Vintage steel-toe leather combat boots (Etsy find) - I love these ones - there's so much dust on them, which became part of the thick leather already - from last year Burning Man.. my traveling around California.. from being in the nature and forests all around the West Coast... from dusty Symbiosis gathering this year.. 
I don't mind the dust - it is all remains of life anyway ;) No, I'm not washing them, are you kidding me? hehe ;) 
This tote, that I've had for about 8 years... is really loved by me for a few reasons - bright psychedelic colors, durability, waterproofness, size, shape - all is perfect in it! 
Le Sac with graffiti print by Fafi.
Stay tuned for my post with some of the new items! ;) 
love, Earthia

Jul 20, 2012


It's finally cool in Brooklyn... Rainy and hazy, but I'm loving it - rain is always good for the Earth and for the Soul ;)
Here are a few pictures of pretty and one of a kind hand warmers, which I have in stock in my 
Check it out, and get a pair for yourself or a dear person as a lovely gift ;)
I'm offering 30% off during the Summer Sale that is on right now and until the end of July.
Enter "HAPPYSUMER" at the checkout.

Jul 18, 2012

New Items in the Earthia shop! ;)

I am happy to announce, that in addition to the current selection at 
I've just listed these items - all is included in the Summer Sale 
Take 30% Off Everything in the shop until the end of July! 
It is an opportunity to get Earthia goodies with deep discount - gotta love those seasonal sales! ;) 
 Well, I'm hoping you can find something for yourself, or a gift for your loved ones ;) 
Because these are really cool and unique pieces - you just don't stumble upon clothes like this everywhere, for the prices i'm offering :) 
Thank you!

Jul 17, 2012

Minimizing and Downsizing

I'm starting to prepare for the move and thus, i need to make so much of downsizing and eliminating of things! ;) Love it! 
Going through my pile of jewelry, I decided to leave only what darling people in my life gifted me, or something that I have worn over the past half a year. The rest - majority of it - goes to my mom ;) 
Already it feels lighter! 
The scariest part was the closets, but that is almost done and over with ;) 
I'm finding myself enjoying taking close-up pictures of whatever! I'd close-up a cockroach if I there was one. 

Jul 16, 2012

A couple more pictures of how the scarf looks worn - here I put it on making only one loop around the neck, but it can be wrapped in as many as 4! ;) 
Absolutely looove tattered soft look of it, AND the colors~ 

Jul 15, 2012

Weaving Sunday ;)

The weather is awesome, summer is booming, and I'm catching every moment of it with gratitude.. 
Today is the middle of calendar summer... ;)))
Since Games of Thrones has ended for the time being, I decided it's nice to see another costume/era series, and now I'm watching Boardwalk Empire ;) 
 Wove my growing dreadies into this up-do ;) 
If you have dreadlocks, it's a very easy and beautiful way to lift your hair up off the neck - you start at any side (it is right side for me), and, lifting the locks up start folding and wrapping them inside, creating a rolled tube, which will continue, as you don't stop, but keep including all the dreads, going around your head, until you reached the opposite side of your head. There, collect and twist together all the remaining locks and fold them up and inside the roll - you'll figure it out, as you go. Longer dreadlocks won't need more than a couple of pins, but shorter ones like mine will need some more ;) 
Also, you can pin a large flower or a beautiful broach ;) 
Scarf #1 

Extra long tattered rugged braid scarf made of recycled knits (wool, cashmere) turquoise, pink, blue, lavender, beige, gray, white by Earthia

At the ends, I tied a piece of lace around one, and a strip of recycled upcycled shearling inside out on the other end; to keep the braid together. 
Scarf #2
Extra-extra long tattered rugged braid scarf made of recycled knits (wool, cashmere, wool blend); has two ties on the ends, made of upcycled recycled leather. Dark browns, greys, greens, pinks, blues, turquoise and other pretty colors, by Earthia

At the ends I used stripes of recycled upcycled leather to hold together braid's ends.  
 Much more multi-colored than the first scarf, and almost twice as long - 10.5 feet of ruggedness ;)))

I love how the braid starts off with dark browns, turquoise and dark grey and gradually becomes a blend of very light colors, mostly - beiges, grays, and nudish colors..;) 

Jul 14, 2012

Easy Weekend ;)

Hi all! Hope your weekend is beautiful! ;) 
I was making a milkshake today and took some pictures.
Recipe as follows, all ingredients are approximate:
- Whole Milk infused with cardamom
- Strawberries
- Banana
- Turmeric
- Cardamom (for milk), or if you have it in powder, that is good too.
- Wheat Grass powder 
*I love cardamom and put it everywhere I think i may enjoy it, say... in my Coffee! love it! 
I crushed some cardamom buds and put them in a jar with milk to sit for a while - the longer it sits, the more flavor the milk will absorb, and the infused milk can be used to make cardamom lattes with coffee or tea ;) Or in baking, crepes, etc.
*I also love turmeric, as it is great for your bones; - i add it everywhere as well, even when i'm making an omelet, i can sprinkle a bit in the eggs; or pan-toasted bread.. Turmeric is really good tasting addition to a lot of dishes, if to experiment with. 
*Wheat Grass is one of my sources of protein.
Blend it all together. 
Enjoy! ;) 

Jul 12, 2012

Sale! ;)

Hi All! I'm happy to announce Summer Inventory SALE with 30% OFF on all the clothes, and everything else in the shop! This is your chance to get Earthia sweaters at summer prices, as I'm sorting out my inventory and getting ready for sewing more new garb! Use the Coupon Code "HAPPYSUMMER" at the checkout ;) love to all and happy Summer!!! ;)
Spread the word ;)
btw, if you want to stay more updated about Earthia, i recommend you liking my page on Facebook:
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Jul 10, 2012

Earthia on .tmblr!

Yay! I'm getting back into tumbl, account is starting to thrive - i like to keep all the inspirational images there ;) 
Let's connect, i'm Earthia on tmblr !