Jul 22, 2012

Dreadlocks Love

Dreadlocks always fascinated me. It's freedom, it's beauty, it's natural essence of self-acceptance.
Ever since I started to dread my own hair last October, while in Cali, I stopped worrying about many things, one of them is - to style my hair. The concept of "style" is just gone.
I feel that I can wear my hair, but i don't see it as style. I feel having dreads as natural as having eyelashes ;))
All I do in the shower is wash my hair and dry it. I don't have to put any chemicals in my hair, I don't have build up of that neither in my scalp, nor in the hair itself - it is always squeaky clean, soft and.... cuddly! ;)   I find myself not even thinking, if I like how my hair looks, as there is always a notion of being satisfied with its state ;) I just leave my hair alone, for goodness sake! ;)
I can write about how much I love dreadlocks for pages, and those, who grow their own will understand me. There's definitely romanticism about such a choice of wearing hair, and I find many webpages, forums, .tumblr pages, photo albums, where people share images of people with dreadlocks, as they are really inspiring - most of the people with dreads look so comfortable in their skin, in their surroundings, they feel so cozy and peaceful ;)
So, why don't I share some of the finds here too, I'd love some dreaded human creatures looking at you from the pages of my blog. 
Please, forgive me for not giving the credit for the pictures - I find them all over the internet, and it is less likely, that there's a pointed source of the original photo, than not. If you recognize yourself (yay!) or someone you know, or don't want your picture to be floating on Earthia blog, let me know so ;)