Jul 15, 2012

Weaving Sunday ;)

The weather is awesome, summer is booming, and I'm catching every moment of it with gratitude.. 
Today is the middle of calendar summer... ;)))
Since Games of Thrones has ended for the time being, I decided it's nice to see another costume/era series, and now I'm watching Boardwalk Empire ;) 
 Wove my growing dreadies into this up-do ;) 
If you have dreadlocks, it's a very easy and beautiful way to lift your hair up off the neck - you start at any side (it is right side for me), and, lifting the locks up start folding and wrapping them inside, creating a rolled tube, which will continue, as you don't stop, but keep including all the dreads, going around your head, until you reached the opposite side of your head. There, collect and twist together all the remaining locks and fold them up and inside the roll - you'll figure it out, as you go. Longer dreadlocks won't need more than a couple of pins, but shorter ones like mine will need some more ;) 
Also, you can pin a large flower or a beautiful broach ;) 
Scarf #1 

Extra long tattered rugged braid scarf made of recycled knits (wool, cashmere) turquoise, pink, blue, lavender, beige, gray, white by Earthia

At the ends, I tied a piece of lace around one, and a strip of recycled upcycled shearling inside out on the other end; to keep the braid together. 
Scarf #2
Extra-extra long tattered rugged braid scarf made of recycled knits (wool, cashmere, wool blend); has two ties on the ends, made of upcycled recycled leather. Dark browns, greys, greens, pinks, blues, turquoise and other pretty colors, by Earthia

At the ends I used stripes of recycled upcycled leather to hold together braid's ends.  
 Much more multi-colored than the first scarf, and almost twice as long - 10.5 feet of ruggedness ;)))

I love how the braid starts off with dark browns, turquoise and dark grey and gradually becomes a blend of very light colors, mostly - beiges, grays, and nudish colors..;)