Jul 14, 2012

Easy Weekend ;)

Hi all! Hope your weekend is beautiful! ;) 
I was making a milkshake today and took some pictures.
Recipe as follows, all ingredients are approximate:
- Whole Milk infused with cardamom
- Strawberries
- Banana
- Turmeric
- Cardamom (for milk), or if you have it in powder, that is good too.
- Wheat Grass powder 
*I love cardamom and put it everywhere I think i may enjoy it, say... in my Coffee! love it! 
I crushed some cardamom buds and put them in a jar with milk to sit for a while - the longer it sits, the more flavor the milk will absorb, and the infused milk can be used to make cardamom lattes with coffee or tea ;) Or in baking, crepes, etc.
*I also love turmeric, as it is great for your bones; - i add it everywhere as well, even when i'm making an omelet, i can sprinkle a bit in the eggs; or pan-toasted bread.. Turmeric is really good tasting addition to a lot of dishes, if to experiment with. 
*Wheat Grass is one of my sources of protein.
Blend it all together. 
Enjoy! ;)