Jul 21, 2012

Wardrobe Fusion

I love styling clothes, I love style, I love how playful it can get, I love, that people can express themselves through clothes, and the least important thing here is "trend" - that one can get you and take away some of your personality! ;))
 I wish there was not an individual, expressing their opinion on what and how and by whom should clothes be worn. I mean... no white shoes after when? The shoes matching the what?? hehe
Alas, there is such a phenomena as "fashion" - mainstream-accepted current trend. Desire to belong to a group is strong, we all like to feel comfortable and safe.
Happily, I am over the phaze, where I felt the need to be accepted according to my clothes - I'm just having ridiculous fun with my clothes, embracing this feminine quality to dress up ;))) 
It's like a play, and humans are so playful!
I don't often post what I wear, I, however, wish I did.. 
I totally respect and admire those gorgeous women, who share their expressive styles on the web! 
It is a little vain, just a tad ;)))) 
Vintage shearling vest - got it off ebay some years ago.
The braided yarn cord, semi-precious stone rose flower on top of a little fur piece (all upcycled materials), large crystal aurora borealis heart, large metal bead, - were all added by me.
Raggedy rags ;))) Layered thrifted tops; thrifted brown cotton ruffled skirt...

I do love an edge from time to time, anywhere, really - that's why I let myself indulge into the Games of Thrones - bloody movie that it is! 
Vintage steel-toe leather combat boots (Etsy find) - I love these ones - there's so much dust on them, which became part of the thick leather already - from last year Burning Man.. my traveling around California.. from being in the nature and forests all around the West Coast... from dusty Symbiosis gathering this year.. 
I don't mind the dust - it is all remains of life anyway ;) No, I'm not washing them, are you kidding me? hehe ;) 
This tote, that I've had for about 8 years... is really loved by me for a few reasons - bright psychedelic colors, durability, waterproofness, size, shape - all is perfect in it! 
Le Sac with graffiti print by Fafi.
Stay tuned for my post with some of the new items! ;) 
love, Earthia