Apr 8, 2015

Freeform Beaded Bracelet ~ pearls, jasper, seed beads

I shared the work in progress of this freeform bracelet before, here is the finished work. 
I called this piece ~ Mori Girl ~ 
Inspired by the colors of the styles of the "mori girls, who belong to a Japanese subculture. "Mori" means forest in Japanese, and more girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories. More girls choose to live their lives on their now terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life"

 Black pearls, pyrite carved roses
Gorgeous jasper in shades of mauve and dusty pink with black veins
 The bodhi tree seed bead was not included in the end 
 Added cherry quartz and ecru colored glossy seed beads 
 Clasp beaded in a shape of a mystical flower with a black pearl in the center.
I really love how it came out ;) 

This bracelet is available for sale. 
You can find it in my BigCartel shop here.

Apr 6, 2015

New ideas and blue beads

Hello and good morning! 
Right now I am doing two things at once - pulling up pictures and thoughts for this post, and contemplating about my workout at the gym. I am trying to feel the soreness in my muscles and decide, if it should be a leg day or an arm and shoulders day! It's a bit windy and grey outside, but I'm still going to the gym - will have my time in the sauna as well!
Anyways, I can't say that I feel blue, as it is Spring full power here in the Rouge Valley, but blue is definitely one of my most favorite colors to work with, to wear and to stare at! 
Oh blue, how I love this color  These blue beads a lab grown Opalite - synthetic gemstone, but I can't help but love it for it's blue shade with pretty glow, especially, if faceted, like the tear drop bead in the photo. Gotta love science for making so many beautiful things available!
Sometimes (often) it gets super messy on the work space, but as long as  I am in the flow, it really doesn't matter, I even love the randomly misplaced beads ;) 
~Moonlight Talisman~ 
...She felt the Moon, the strength and tranquility it gave her, filling her with quiet joy...
I will add a string of beads to it to make a complete set. Perhaps, it will be just a string of white beads, or maybe I will add some tiny opalite beads as well.. will play and see ;) 
This is a part of freeform necklace I am working on - moonstone, pearls, seed beads, Czech glass beads. 

That's about it for a little news. 
I hope you have a very lovely week! 

Mar 19, 2015

I have a beautiful beaded Moonstone jewelry in the shop.

One of my most favorite stones is moonstone. 
It is believed to represent magic of the moon, and to be a traveler's stone for protection. 
It has subtle moon-like sheen, and the name is derived from that pretty quality of the stone. 
While the most common color of moonstone you will see is translucent milky white with blue reflections, there are other varieties. 
For this bracelet, I am using a beautiful earthy grey moonstone, that has specks of silverfish specks incapsulated in it, it is still translucent and plays in the light in a wonderful way. 
I added colors of flower meadows I have seen around mt. Shasta, the mountain known for its power.
I found the power of Shasta to be in it's tranquil beauty, in it's pure surroundings - the air is crisp, the flowers are colorful and plentiful, and the trees are magnificent. 
I think of it as a magical place, if you visited it, you know exactly what I am talking about. 
I also used pearls, amethyst beads and high quality glass seed beads in gorgeous colors. 
I have this bracelet for sale in the Moon Sister Beads shop, where you can see more pictures.

New Jewelry in Moon Sister Beads shop!

I have a new addition to the shop. 
~ Oh My Pearl ~ 
Thin freeform bracelet is available here.

Made of seed beads and featuring three large genuine pearls. 
I like how the soft glow of pearls is reflected in the colors of the whole bracelet. 
Gentle and delicate, 1.5 inches wide, it is a unique piece to add to complete many looks. 
The ring is made by me as well.
I adore beading! 

Mar 13, 2015

New bead jewelry - earrings - in the shop

Hello! It is springtime in my town! Blossoms are everywhere - white, pink, pale yellow, red! I don't know if I have seen more colors of blooming trees than here, in Southern Oregon. It is rather incredible. And now the light round petals are falling off, as the weather warms up, letting the little leaves out... like snow, falling and covering the earth in beautiful white lace.
And I have prepared adornments for sale - earrings in various lengths, short to extra long, using Czech glass beads and Toho seed beads with silver-coated ear wires to suit many tastes.

I will add a few pairs at a time, you can always see updates on the Facebook Page and in shop:

Feb 16, 2015

Off the beading mat today...

I am working on a bracelet in gorgeous shades of matte rainbow on grey, cool pink tones, black, and some shimmery variations of same colors. Focal point is the bodhi tree seed - I used the bodhi seed beads before, and they are very attractive...There are black pearls, as usual, I love adding these little pretties... I am also thinking to add two different kinds of jasper  (one of my favorite stones) and one more kind of gemstone beads, that is going to be a surprise added touch wink emoticon 
My beadwork page is here:

Feb 1, 2015

Connecting the beads

Hello! I hope you are having a great Sunday. I hope that I still have interested readers and guests, even though I, as it sometimes happens, have deviated from blogging for quite some time. I will be honest, I didn't want to give up this place, because I feel I spent a good amount of time here, learning blogging. I can't say I am a writer, but I love and want to share some pictures of my work, a little of my thoughts, and connect with others.
Recently I have moved to Rouge Valley in South Oregon. East coast to West coast, yeah! So, past couple of month had been very frustrating, to say at least... but you know what? I love it! Every day I wake up to a challenge, trying to work out some routine in the midst of the moving hassle, and I can tell you, that this situation gives me extra boost of adrenaline, I feel like. I've been sitting on many ideas and have a couple of goals for the nearest future, which I feel great about, and now I am able to start transforming them into a reality. 
For now, let me announce, that this blog is dedicated to the art of beading, my creative process and its results. I would LOVE to connect with you. 
Using the image below, showing one of the close ups of a necklace I made last year, and the clasp - for the connection symbol ;) 
~ Ivanna