Mar 19, 2015

I have a beautiful beaded Moonstone jewelry in the shop.

One of my most favorite stones is moonstone. 
It is believed to represent magic of the moon, and to be a traveler's stone for protection. 
It has subtle moon-like sheen, and the name is derived from that pretty quality of the stone. 
While the most common color of moonstone you will see is translucent milky white with blue reflections, there are other varieties. 
For this bracelet, I am using a beautiful earthy grey moonstone, that has specks of silverfish specks incapsulated in it, it is still translucent and plays in the light in a wonderful way. 
I added colors of flower meadows I have seen around mt. Shasta, the mountain known for its power.
I found the power of Shasta to be in it's tranquil beauty, in it's pure surroundings - the air is crisp, the flowers are colorful and plentiful, and the trees are magnificent. 
I think of it as a magical place, if you visited it, you know exactly what I am talking about. 
I also used pearls, amethyst beads and high quality glass seed beads in gorgeous colors. 
I have this bracelet for sale in the Moon Sister Beads shop, where you can see more pictures.