Apr 6, 2015

New ideas and blue beads

Hello and good morning! 
Right now I am doing two things at once - pulling up pictures and thoughts for this post, and contemplating about my workout at the gym. I am trying to feel the soreness in my muscles and decide, if it should be a leg day or an arm and shoulders day! It's a bit windy and grey outside, but I'm still going to the gym - will have my time in the sauna as well!
Anyways, I can't say that I feel blue, as it is Spring full power here in the Rouge Valley, but blue is definitely one of my most favorite colors to work with, to wear and to stare at! 
Oh blue, how I love this color  These blue beads a lab grown Opalite - synthetic gemstone, but I can't help but love it for it's blue shade with pretty glow, especially, if faceted, like the tear drop bead in the photo. Gotta love science for making so many beautiful things available!
Sometimes (often) it gets super messy on the work space, but as long as  I am in the flow, it really doesn't matter, I even love the randomly misplaced beads ;) 
~Moonlight Talisman~ 
...She felt the Moon, the strength and tranquility it gave her, filling her with quiet joy...
I will add a string of beads to it to make a complete set. Perhaps, it will be just a string of white beads, or maybe I will add some tiny opalite beads as well.. will play and see ;) 
This is a part of freeform necklace I am working on - moonstone, pearls, seed beads, Czech glass beads. 

That's about it for a little news. 
I hope you have a very lovely week!