Feb 24, 2011

I never had Mallomares...

... and from what they look like, I can imagine that taste would feel something like this: 


Yesterday was another day ;)

I have a lot of yarn leftovers from the previous projects - the silver-green is 200 grams (plenty!) of virgin wool yarn I bought for knitting a sweater for my man, the white one is Icelandic wool, undyed, the little ball of some Italian wool in heather gray/neutral/flesh color... as well as the alpaca/wool/cotton yarn of unraveled thrifted Zara sweater (the ball on the very left)... Put together, these make thick and soft chunky yarn - lovely! 
I made this cardigan yesterday - the advantage of thick yarn - it works so fast! It came out just as I intended it to - with a slightest fluff from the cream Icelandic wool makes it cozy and a little rough at the same time. I left the opening of the sweater without any type of closure, just pink leather tie, which, of course can be changed for any belt, ribbon or tie my heart desires ;) And it is so warm!
Ready to shed winter garb any given day ;) 

Balls of yarn I found in my stash...

Ready cardi ;)

Close-up of the neck area...

Close-up of the bottom side, shaped to fit my waist...

Closer look at the finished sweater.

Feb 22, 2011

Fedora Song ;)

Hats are beautiful, special pieces of wardrobe, because, not only it has the ability to put otherwise maybe rather simple outfit into a stylish look, and not only because it lets us to self-express. But because it accentuates our necks and the shape of our faces, making cheekbones more prominent, eyes more piercing, looking from under brim, it gives a wearer an opportunity to say to the world "I am confident, I have no fear, my life is together".  My humble opinion, of course ;) 
They have been around for several trips around the Sun, haven't they? :) 
There are millions of mass-produced fedora hats. And then there are Fedoras. In such a case, this piece of accessory is incredibly unique, it has character, it has personality... wearing a fedora sets you on a journey, no less! 
I personally developed love for fedoras twice in my life, or, rather... once, when I was a girl, when watching movies from the first half of the 20th century, and then I remembered about it, and fell in love with the hat again at Burning Man. Boy, do burners know what to do with a fedora! ;)
If you ask me, the whole trend for fedora hats, that started some 3 maybe more years ago, came from the inspiration of designers by Burning Man festival...
Top hats, yet even more special type of hat, that only few can pull off wearing it on daily basis, deserve a whole separate post, which is coming later! ;)


Visit to Guggenheim!

Thankful to my friends who invited me to the museum of Guggenheim yesterday, being a day off for many! I have always thought that I loved anything but modern art,.. well... I guess, I am ready for it only now, and I am so happy, that I discovered Cubism in particular! Never I seen it represented in a grand way anywhere, even if I did, I had not paid attention to it... Seeing the paintings in person makes the whole lot of difference. These works are astonishing manifestation of the work of a human mind! Breaking down shapes into multiple planes... the whole idea of.. hmmm, I think it represents several things... the illusion of everything, the fact that everyone has their own world, and we see it only from our own perspective, so, there can't be a general picture - not visually, but in this case, the artists are, perhaps, showing the individuality of the world.. but more important, i think, is the fact, that in these works, mainly produced just prior and during the first world war. The world is broken, but it still holds the shape - as shown in every painting, how everything has been de-parted and put together again... this idea sort of represents how the society is torn apart by war, and then, it is still there, but re-formed, changed... maybe I sound a little optimistic.. all this can mean that the world felt like it was falling apart, being disassembled. period. ;) 
The whole exhibition was absolute enjoyment... If you in NYC, do treat yourself! 
I think I forgot to mention, that paintings have this 3D effect? try to walk around the area - so cool! ;)

Georges Braque - The Clarinet

Marcel Duchamp - Nude

Marcel Duchamp - Study for Chess Players

Pablo Picasso - Accordionist

Pablo Picasso - The Poet

Piet Mondrian - Composition 8

Robert Delaunay - Eiffel Tower with Trees

Robert Delaunay - Eiffel Tower

Below are the paintings that don't represent Cubism, but still have impressed me that day...