Feb 22, 2011

Fedora Song ;)

Hats are beautiful, special pieces of wardrobe, because, not only it has the ability to put otherwise maybe rather simple outfit into a stylish look, and not only because it lets us to self-express. But because it accentuates our necks and the shape of our faces, making cheekbones more prominent, eyes more piercing, looking from under brim, it gives a wearer an opportunity to say to the world "I am confident, I have no fear, my life is together".  My humble opinion, of course ;) 
They have been around for several trips around the Sun, haven't they? :) 
There are millions of mass-produced fedora hats. And then there are Fedoras. In such a case, this piece of accessory is incredibly unique, it has character, it has personality... wearing a fedora sets you on a journey, no less! 
I personally developed love for fedoras twice in my life, or, rather... once, when I was a girl, when watching movies from the first half of the 20th century, and then I remembered about it, and fell in love with the hat again at Burning Man. Boy, do burners know what to do with a fedora! ;)
If you ask me, the whole trend for fedora hats, that started some 3 maybe more years ago, came from the inspiration of designers by Burning Man festival...
Top hats, yet even more special type of hat, that only few can pull off wearing it on daily basis, deserve a whole separate post, which is coming later! ;)