Feb 24, 2011

Yesterday was another day ;)

I have a lot of yarn leftovers from the previous projects - the silver-green is 200 grams (plenty!) of virgin wool yarn I bought for knitting a sweater for my man, the white one is Icelandic wool, undyed, the little ball of some Italian wool in heather gray/neutral/flesh color... as well as the alpaca/wool/cotton yarn of unraveled thrifted Zara sweater (the ball on the very left)... Put together, these make thick and soft chunky yarn - lovely! 
I made this cardigan yesterday - the advantage of thick yarn - it works so fast! It came out just as I intended it to - with a slightest fluff from the cream Icelandic wool makes it cozy and a little rough at the same time. I left the opening of the sweater without any type of closure, just pink leather tie, which, of course can be changed for any belt, ribbon or tie my heart desires ;) And it is so warm!
Ready to shed winter garb any given day ;) 

Balls of yarn I found in my stash...

Ready cardi ;)

Close-up of the neck area...

Close-up of the bottom side, shaped to fit my waist...

Closer look at the finished sweater.