Feb 22, 2011

Visit to Guggenheim!

Thankful to my friends who invited me to the museum of Guggenheim yesterday, being a day off for many! I have always thought that I loved anything but modern art,.. well... I guess, I am ready for it only now, and I am so happy, that I discovered Cubism in particular! Never I seen it represented in a grand way anywhere, even if I did, I had not paid attention to it... Seeing the paintings in person makes the whole lot of difference. These works are astonishing manifestation of the work of a human mind! Breaking down shapes into multiple planes... the whole idea of.. hmmm, I think it represents several things... the illusion of everything, the fact that everyone has their own world, and we see it only from our own perspective, so, there can't be a general picture - not visually, but in this case, the artists are, perhaps, showing the individuality of the world.. but more important, i think, is the fact, that in these works, mainly produced just prior and during the first world war. The world is broken, but it still holds the shape - as shown in every painting, how everything has been de-parted and put together again... this idea sort of represents how the society is torn apart by war, and then, it is still there, but re-formed, changed... maybe I sound a little optimistic.. all this can mean that the world felt like it was falling apart, being disassembled. period. ;) 
The whole exhibition was absolute enjoyment... If you in NYC, do treat yourself! 
I think I forgot to mention, that paintings have this 3D effect? try to walk around the area - so cool! ;)

Georges Braque - The Clarinet

Marcel Duchamp - Nude

Marcel Duchamp - Study for Chess Players

Pablo Picasso - Accordionist

Pablo Picasso - The Poet

Piet Mondrian - Composition 8

Robert Delaunay - Eiffel Tower with Trees

Robert Delaunay - Eiffel Tower

Below are the paintings that don't represent Cubism, but still have impressed me that day...

Lucio Fontana - Concetto spaziale, Attese(Art Informel)

Camille Pissarro - The Hermitage at Pontoise

Henri Matisse - The Italian Woman

Pablo Picasso - On the Beach

Paul Delvaux - The Break of Day

Victor Brauner - The Surrealist

Yves Tanguy - Promontory Palace

Yves Tanguy - The Sun in Its Jewel Case