Jul 29, 2012

As Serious As Neon

"What if i told you, that you can choose and adopt more than one style?" 
I'm delightfully in the phase of loving extra glow and sparkle. Beyond the subtle pastel sheen of mother of pearl, and, certainly, beyond bright lime and pink - i want it neon! ;) 
 Blumarine Fall/Winter 2012 has so much to satisfy any color and shine deprivation!
Loving their collection.
Pearlscent nude - love! Animal print mish-mash - perfection to walk that stride! 
 Stunning matte black georgette number - simplicity, that can turn into the most versatile piece, and it should. Silver mermaid mini-dress - not my style, but I adore this dress!  
Fantastic blues and lime greens, and ohhh!!! so much shiny color  - double love! ;) Especially digging the motorcycle boots in holographic interpretation ;) 
Beautiful spring green with pink glow - wow ;) Blue stardust sprinkled all over the dress on the right  - so sexy and playful!
My favorite of the whole collection is the dress on the left... it's perfect. I'd accessorize it with my bare feet and no makeup ;) 
Images via Style.com