Apr 30, 2012

LaCy Mondays ;)

Design my own shop banner - lace and all ;) Notice it on the left, leading to my Etsy shop.
I love my little photoshop adventures and explorations, - every time I use it, i discover something new - primitive and obvious things, that were always there, but until you really need them, you won't notice them, you know? like in life ;))) Sure, being aware of the moment has some benefits - haha ;))))
Here's the bigger version... i love the combination of colors - swampy, almost fluorescent green, light dreamy blue, white and hay/jute/what is the proper name of the color anyway? ;) 
I'll be doing lots of cleaning and sorting - of the stock of supplies for working, my wardrobe, of my papers, - all of it has be done, because I am going away for a little while, on vacation!
To my beloved California!!!
In my plans are San Francisco - for a day of my birthday; then an awesome gathering at the Pyramid lake, in Nevada, called Symbiosis.
Then, probably, will find myself either near Mt. Shasta, or, more likely down West at a yoga retreat, where I'm to spend about a week, hopefully.
So, if you want to buy anything Earthia - I have in stock lots of very practical and cutest water bottle sacks/bags/holders; some extremely adorable upcycled children's vests;
stellar sweater tunics, sweater vests and dresses; and a few tops - all lovingly recycled and upcycled by yours, truly.
Please, visit my Shop.
I will ship the last order on May 11, 2012.
If you have any questions, you can always shoot me a message on Etsy, or, if you don't have an account there, e-mail me, and i'll be happy to respond to you, as soon as i get the message.
Thank you for stopping by today,
wishing everyone an amazing week! ;)