Nov 18, 2010

Chuckle-chuckle chunky!

Doesn't it feel nice to be outside at anytime, even when the weather is having mood swings, bringing cold air, wind and, before we know it, snow? Nothing is better than some fresh air, even if its cold. Cozy up with layers, wrap yourself in chunky goodness of knits, i say!
I make friends with winter, I'm happy to, bring on the snowflakes, I'll catch them with my tongue! ;)
I think I found perfect chunky yarn by Lion Brand - great selection of color, lightweight, machine - washable and dry-able, cozy and warm - what more can a knitter, or a wearer, for that matter, ask for? Off to my projects, stay tuned for the pictures of new hats in the making! Good day and lots of sunshine in your soul!