Sep 21, 2012

From Russia with Love

That quote is so overused, but being of a Russian origin, I forgive myself for overusing it sometimes ;) 
My latest crush on a designer has been steady, - she is a woman, a gorgeous talented woman - fashion designer - Ulyana Sergeenko. 
This her below - sporting exeptional style of her own - i'm in love! She embraces some of the Soviet era nostalgia through FASHION - how cool is that ;) 

I posted some shots from her last year collection, and now I want to share what she had for us for the W/F 2012
I love the demure and sexy lines, excellent cut, color, fabrics and textures - everything works perfect together, is pretty far out, and, at the same time, is exaggerated classic. 
With a Russian flair. 
I know I'm pulling out my wool flower-printed scarf for the fall ;) 
The post is long, but the pictures are so worth it!