Mar 9, 2012

Past Elements

Once upon a time I used to work as a paralegal at a law firm. 
I can't say I didn't like it. It's the monotonous nature of the job, that I couldn't like.
Simply, not enough visual pleasure. No color.
I kid you not, I would trade sticky pads of various colors around the office, so I have as many different ones, as possible. Same with markers and rubber bands. 
hahahaha ;))) I loved it there, awesome environment with lovely people... But  alas and hooray, I am able to dedicate much more time to Earthia, than I used to during that time.
So, something tiny and colorful... would dilute the pale yellowness of the day (the folders sometimes did came in different colors as well!)...something quirky and crazy and cute and lovely! ;))) 
like this:

More pictures under the cut... ;)

and then some... haha ;)